You all know I talk about butterflies a lot. I love to watch them and even meditate as I enjoy their flittering around, dancing in the gardens of life.



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Nothing illustrates transformation as much as a butterfly does. It begins its journey as an egg, then out of that shell crawls a caterpillar. It has lots of legs and is usually very furry. At a specific time within nature, it starts to weave a chrysalis or cocoon around itself. Following another specific length of time, once again determined by nature, the lovely and winged being emerges and takes flight.




What does that have to do with us? We begin in the womb and emerge after a specific length of time. We develop day by day as the human being we are. As we grow and age we become more than just a human being. We can see ourselves as a spiritual being with great potential to do wonderful things. The “seed” we once were is unfolding and Christ is part of it all.




And suddenly the time comes when we realize that we are a complete child of God. We are whole; we are complete; we are one with God and nothing can change that. We have evolved just as the butterfly did. Our destiny is the path toward becoming a Christ-like human.




Wayne Dyer said, “Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”




The 93-year-old great-grandmother was seen wearing a T-shirt that said
“God’s not done with me yet!”




1 Corinthians 13:12 states, “For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then
we will see face-to-face, now I know only in part; then I will know fully,
even as I have been fully known.”




Looking in a mirror, we see only the reflection ( and a foggy one) of what we are now. We do not see what we will become. We do not see what God sees in us. In time we will see fully, as we have been fully known by God.




Our Lord made us so that we would have this need, this sense, this discontentment that stirs inside and pushes us forward so we can become greater than we are, developing into a new creation in Christ, just as the butterfly became a new creation in nature.



Monarch butterfly chrysalis hanging on milkweed branch. Natural green background with copy space.



Jesus came to human life to acknowledge, experience, and to be the fullness of who He was and is. I think He must have gone through all sorts of seasons of His life; times when He felt very human in His mind; times when He felt very Divine. Even though He was the Divine, He came to earth to experience human-ness. I think He went through the phases as we do.




To follow Jesus, our hardest task will be to dissolve the critical,  crippling, dualism trapping us, where we thought we were ONLY human or  only spiritual. We will need to do what seems impossible-to walk,  paradoxically, in two worlds at once, inhabiting an earthly body BUT with a spiritual intent. What we are about, seems to be impossible, but not with new awareness of God.




Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Matt. 13: 43




The stages of our lives create so many forks in the road – powerful twists and turns. This enables us to move forward in a positive direction, a path toward the All Knowing Lord. Old ways, old habits, old human “ness” disappears and our spiritual life evolves as our human spirit becomes advanced and one with Christ. We are complete – human and one with God in our spirit, somehow, at the same time.  We must  embrace this and live accordingly.




“Never look at the problems that seem to be in your life at this present moment and think this is ALL that it will ever be. Tomorrow changes the past. The past is past and the future calls us forward to become more than we were.”




“Questions must become one with answers. Problems must become one with solutions. Where there is the one, the other is soon to follow. The human must become ONE with God. This critical time may be a baffling crisis of the spirit. It is the time in our lives when things happen and we do not understand why. We may not understand why those pieces are configuring the way they are. We may have thought that we have been doing everything correctly, and then our world seemingly may begin to crumble.” C.C.




We go through these crises over and over. It just doesn’t happen once, and sometimes we are totally baffled at how it happened and where it is going to lead us. We ask God for answers. We wonder where this is going to end up and where we will be when it is over. Will we be one with God?




Do you have questions? Think about it. You may not be in a crisis of spirit right now, but that may change over time. If you do have questions or when you do, then is the time to search and find the answers.




Thomas Moore said that IS the major commitment of humanity-to become a
whole, new person.




When the caterpillar goes into or creates its cocoon, it becomes liquefied. It is not what it was or what it will be. At that time, it is in such a transition, that it is neither its former self or its future self. It is actually a type of yellow liquid. The center of which is a grouping of cells which eventually brings forth new life…a beautiful new life.
But this is a time of pausing to allow that transition to happen. We are doing the same thing spiritually – we are growing and changing and becoming. What a beautiful concept.



Monarch butterfly chrysalis hanging on milkweed branch. Natural green background with copy space.



“Remember that it is our destiny as the creation of the Creator to grow into our full potential. God has created us from the beginning of time to be Christ like. All the things we see Jesus being in the past and in our world today are who and what we are becoming. How do we know-Jesus said so!”




Right now your destiny is being born again, a new creation in Christ. Even in the midst of any anxiety that thoughts might bring up, let us hold the wonder, excitement, and joy of the new that is being birthed from God, in us and through us.



Our destiny is to become more than we are right now. Our destiny is become that new creation in Christ. And as we go through all the changes/transformation during our lives, all the twists and turns, we know that Jesus Christ is going through it with us, walking right beside us. As I said many times and as the famous song says,  “You never walk alone.”  He whispers to us in our heart and soul and that makes the road a little less bumpy and just a little bit straighter.




Then at the exact appointed and determined time, when the cocoon is about to burst open, we will be aware of the truth and will be part of the true expression of Jesus Christ. We will be as the butterfly dancing in the garden of Love.




Let us pray: Thank You, God, for our Holy destiny. May we have the courage, strength,
and conviction to become a totally new person in Christ.



In the name and through the living, loving presence of Jesus Christ we pray and believe. . .Amen.












We transform into a wonderful life form that can dance in and with the love of God. Dance and fly with that love.  And with the butterflies, you may just touch the spirit of Christ.



As so it is. . .


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