“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13


“A stone may have been lying at the bottom of her riverbed for 10 million years,
but if you pluck it out and set it in the sun, in five minutes it is dry.”



“If you take a dry stone from the bank and switch it in the water for just two seconds, put it down to dry again, then a moment after, you will not be able to tell the difference between the two stones. The one that was wet for millions of years is just as dry now as the stone that was only wet for a few seconds.” Tolly Burkan




The point? Your future does not reflect your past. No matter how long you have been telling your story and living stuck in the bondage of your status quo, once you set an intention to make a shift into a new level of living, the quality of your life can change forever.



A life that has been newly found has exactly the same dynamic energy as someone who has been living that life for decades. The moment you start expressing your newfound life, you bring new life to everyone and everything you touch. To coin an old phrase, you can hold a candle to anyone! If you are holding a candle, a hundred people can lineup with unlit candles, place theirs in your flame, and walk away with a flame of their own. And even after you have given that much of yourself, your flame is not diminished.



Let your light shine; it will illumine your way out of the dark hole of your problem.



The first rule about holes: If you are in one – stop digging!



We have tried to do things alone and it has not worked. What we need, “Is spiritual guts! Spiritual G U T S means, – Going up to Spirit!” Stop digging!



Based on the Greek Orthodox spelling of Crist, the only difference between crisis and Christ is – is the letter T. The T stands for TRUST. So, stop digging.



We are here to find freedom in God. Freedom is a state of being without thought or restraint of bondage, limitation or repression, or digging ourselves into a hole. Freedom is having a sense of complete well-being. It is a result of living our life according to God’s Truth.



Freedom is about learning to live Christianity, to make it real in our day-to-day living. We make it real when we make the decision, and choose, to commit to live in the way of Christ  and can stop digging..




When we make that commitment, we start moving on our spiritual path, in that we begin to make conscious choices. That is what life is about-not being a victim any longer, and not allowing outside pressures to break us down, or to cave in on us. It is about living in the moment and making conscious choices that allow us to change. It’s about making that choice NOT to dig in any deeper.



In that change, we begin to know that there is only one Presence and one Power of God, and that we can be one with God.

“For to us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist.” 1 Corinthians 8:6



And Freedom is about choice. We can choose to dig or to fly – to trust regardless of the human propensity to feel the need to be secure (even in our victimization). Helen Keller said, “It is mostly superstition. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either an exciting adventure or nothing.”




Yes! I want my life to be an exciting adventure, forgetting, for a moment, that an exciting adventure is not usually very comfortable. Yet, I still make that choice in trust, in trust of our Lord. We want our lives to be an exciting adventure because that is what we are about-learning that we are an expression and the creation of God.




One woman said, “This reminded me of a time when our son was taking skydiving lessons. He came into the pastor’s office (I was there also) and was so excited about it. He was going out the next morning, and he started explaining to us what he was going to do and how he was going to do it when he jumped out of this airplane. I could hear and feel the fear in his voice. Yet, it was about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. That was an exciting adventure.”




We do have that choice. We can choose to try to stay in that very safe space. Yet, trying to avoid danger is no safer than outright exposure, as Helen Keller said. It is about courage. God will give you the courage courage!




It is also about giving up the idea that something bad is going to happen. We go along in this life so often thinking that if we do this, or that, something bad might happen. We need to just give up the idea that something bad is going to happen, OR we start looking for consistency and comfort based on fear.



Do you know what Ralph Waldo Emerson said about consistency? He said, “Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”  What it is really about is living in the past. If we are trying to be consistent, we are looking back to the past. But the past is nothing more than history. We are trying to duplicate that history, and we are not participating in that exciting adventure of present life.



In the exciting adventure, it is time to make choices – to make that choice to experience the courage, love, and discomfort, if that is what it takes, to really participate in this adventure called life.



We can make the choice to either be out in the world OR try to avoid danger. I invite you to make the choice to commit to being who you really, truly are.



Commitment is so important. Without that, we cannot move forward. We must be about making a commitment. And what are we making a commitment to???    We are making a commitment to God – a commitment to live in that Presence and knowingness



Make the commitment, even though your knees may be shaking. God, instead of fear, will take over. There is only one Presence and one Power of God in your life. You make the commitment in this moment to live in that God truth. Choose, from this moment forward, to not allow anxiety or fear to be any part of your life, only God’s protection.



Go on with your life. How is this commitment able to be so strong in you? It is through prayer – having a rich prayer life, produces a rich spiritual life. Those of us who participate in the Spiritual Family Prayer room  – –  know about the power and the results from prayer.



Jesus said, “All of these things I do, you will do, and more.” What that says to you is that the very first thing He always did WAS PRAY.



Make it a commitment to pray.


When you sit down to pray you ARE connected with God. You are connected,
because God is connected with you. It is about intent. It is about relationship, your relationship with your BEST FRIEND – God.



There may have been times when you have sat down to pray and you have felt that nothing was happening. Yet, it is about the intent. If your intent is to pray, you are praying.



Arnold Patton says everything in life is about intent, and that we need to have a clear intent to have our life work perfectly.



So how does prayer make you free? It is about being in prayer and knowing and understanding that you are with God every moment that you are created by Love in love. You find the truth that sets you free; freedom is that connection and understanding that you are not alone.



In Genesis, it states we are created in the image and after the likeness
of God.



In First John, our Bible states, God is love. If that is true, and I choose to believe that both those statements are true, then you and I are also love. We discover this and reaffirm it through prayer. The steps Jesus gave us about prayer were to go to your room, go to that innermost chamber (the recesses of your mind), shut your door, and pray to your Father, in secret.



Shutting the door can also be a metaphor for shutting out all those concerns we have. If you are in the innermost chamber of your mind and heart, with the door shut, talking to God, you cannot think about your concerns or your problems.



Think about God because God really is the answer to everything you are seeking. If you think about God, if your intent is to sit down in prayer and think about God, you cannot concentrate on any outer concerns. As you let it all go to God in prayer, all of those outer concerns seem to just take care of themselves.



You cannot know all the details. God told us the details were none of our business. Your business is to just be there in that prayer presence. Then you will realize how free you really are, to let God take care of all those details. Our Lord wants us to put down the shovel, put our hands together and pray and then trust Him to give us the guidance and the courage to make these choices we are free to make.  Stop digging.



When you are praying to God in secret, you are asking God to change your life, and allow your life to work. You will notice I said “allow.” Allow God to work in and through you. You give God a chance to move through you, and recognize and acknowledge that there is just one Presence and one Power of good and love in your life.



You affirm through prayer: “Thank You, God, for my life. Thank You, God, for guiding me, directing me, and protecting me. And most of all, thank You, God, for reminding me that I am created in love by love to be love.”



Through that prayer, you become aware that God’s love supports you and each of us in life.



In closing, I would like to share with you a few quotes that really are about freedom and the one Presence and one Power. It exeplifies the knowing that there is only one Presence and one Power, and no matter what else is showing up, or whatever other emotions or thoughts are being created, we can always turn back, know, and live in that center of peace.



Maya Angelou stated in it her poem: “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”   Maya Angelou knows it; Brother Lawrence knew it;  St. Theresa of Avila knew it.



Author Joel Goldsmith states it this way: “True freedom is in the joyous song of life sung when we find peace within.”



We can have that peace no matter what else is going on in our lives because, everything that is showing up is about taking us to God and finding out who and what we are–as God’s child.



So, no matter what our circumstances are, when our souls are free through that activity of the presence of the Christ, we are free indeed.



You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free John 8:32.





God bless you all!


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