Mother’s Day


“Then Jesus answered her, ‘Woman, great is your faith! Let it be done for you as you wish.’   And her daughter was healed instantly.” Matthew 15:28

This is entitled, “Mother’s Creed” by Bonnie Day


The depths of Christian law
She little grasped or understood;
Yet with clear eyes of faith she saw
One shining truth, that God is good.
She could not quote one single line
Or affirmation, tenet, creed;
But how she trusted love Divine
To meet her every human need!


Hers was a plain theology
That love could swiftly comprehend;
Her whole religion was to be
To all who needed her a friend.
The laws of science and of art
She made no claim to understand;
But love was law within her heart
And kindness law into her hand.


A wisdom never learned from books
But tutored by an inward grace
Was written in her very looks
And shone reflected in her face.
In thought profound and creed sublime
She built better that she knew
A doctrine that shall outlast time:
To trust, to love, to be, and do.


Standing at his back door, a little boy was watching three young deer in a meadow. They were oblivious to everything around them, playing, eating grass, licking a salt lick, having a good time. They would not have known if some danger came close.


The mother deer never played; she constantly looked around, protecting the little ones and making sure that they were not in danger. The little boy opened the screen door and started to run toward the small deer. It is very interesting: a mother deer knows when something is a baby and she didn’t feel threatened by the boy. Sure, when the boy got too close, they all ran away, but she knew, that he was a baby.


Well, your mother was the same way with you. You played and had fun and she was always there, like that mother deer, always watching to see that you did not get into too much trouble. Thinking back about your birth – it probably was the most exciting, the happiest day of her life. Have you ever thought about that? The day that you were born was probably the highlight of your mother’s life, or at least one of the highlights. The day that she held you for the first time and looked down into your eyes, that was one of the special times, and one of the times she was closest to God.


It was undoubtedly one of the times she realized the miracle of God and the working of God. You cannot help but know that miracle when you look at a child, especially right after it is born. You know that something much more profound is going on here than meets the eye.


Didn’t you feel that way about your child? You cannot help but feel that way! When you see your baby for the first time, and you count its fingers and toes, and you look at the little fingernails and the eyes, you know that something very special is at work in that child. There is something more than just flesh.


This is entitled “A Tribute to Mom.”


“How beautifully everything is arranged by Nature. Just as soon as a child enters the world, it finds a mother ready to take care of it. Luckily, mothers have been relieved of such duties as milking cows and making butter, so they have been able to move up to family economist, child psychologist, career person, and still cook, too.


“Mothers are the most unselfish, the most responsible people in the world. Motherhood is not a matter of bearing children: that is a biological event. Motherhood is diapers and bottles, clinging hands and endless questions, joyful and foolish tears. But most of all, motherhood is the opportunity to influence the transformation of a child into a remarkable human being.


“Just as breast milk cannot be duplicated, neither can a mother. No one like one’s mother ever lived. Mothering is an art which requires affection, gentleness and understanding, firmness, strength and sacrifice. At the heart of a mother’s sacrifice is the knowledge that one day, she must set her child free. A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.


“A mother achieves more than one hundred teachers. Where do mothers learn all the things that they tell their children not to do? What on earth would children do if they didn’t have Mother to help them through their troubles? A mother understands what a child doesn’t say. Oh, the inexpressible comfort of feeing safe, of being able to pour out your words and thoughts and knowing that she would sift them, keeping what was worth keeping and parting with the rest.


“Of all the home remedies, having Mother there is the best. As a mother, you serve much longer than you expected. Now, as always, the most automated appliance in the house is you. After all, who wants to try to make a pie like Mother bakes, when it is so much simple to have Mother make it when she’s there.


To bear and rear, to cook and clean, to be instantly available without being underfoot. No wonder the profession is free of male competition.


“It is such a grand thing to be the mother of a mother that the world calls you a grandmother. Just about that time when a woman thinks that her work is done, she becomes both a grandmother and a grand babysitter. A mother never realizes her children are no longer children. No matter how old they are the mother still watches for signs of improvement. In the eyes of its mother, every beetle is a gazelle.


“Mom is much more a magical word than Mother. It holds memories of sunlit rooms and laughter and love beyond the dreams of anyone. Memories of the push and tug it took to keep you to par, to make you more than you thought you could be. And memories of advice that did not fall on deaf ears: I heard you then and I hear you now, and I thank you, Mom, wherever you are, for all that you have done from the bottom of my heart. And we all say, ‘I love you, Mom.’”


Mother love is as strong as life and will make every sacrifice to protect its offspring. This wholehearted self-sacrificing aspect of love indicates a spirit deeper and stronger than the animal or the human and we are forced to admit that it must be part of the divine. For this reason mother love is exalted to take first place in our analysis of the great passion.


Motherhood does not always involve your own children. An example was Mother Teresa. She never had any children of her own. Her motherhood was directed at the homeless people, the abandoned children, the lepers who were dying in great distress, and as she put it, the poorest of the poor.   She was, in every sense, mother to the people of Calcutta, living with and caring for the poor in the order that she founded called The Missionaries of Charity. Mother Teresa said this:


“True love is giving until it hurts, and it’s not how much you give but how much love you put into the giving. Therefore it’s necessary to pray and pray often. The fruit of prayer is deepening of faith. The fruit of faith is love. And love in action is service. So acts of service are acts of peace. Love one another as God loves each one of us.”


Every major religion in the world today talks about honoring your father and your mother. In Judaism, it says:


“My son, keep your father’s commandment and forsake not your mother’s teaching. Bind them upon your heart always. Tie them about your neck. When you walk they will lead you. When you lie down they will watch over you. And when you awake, they will talk to you.”


In Christianity, it says: “For God commanded, saying “Honor thy father and mother.”


Islam says: “Serve and revere your parents. Heaven is spread beneath the feet of mothers everywhere.”


Buddhism says: “Support father and mother. Cherish wife and child.
Follow a peaceful calling. This is the greatest blessing.


Hinduism says: “Honor thy father and mother and forget not the favors thou has received.”


Confucianism says: “If each man would love his parents and show due respect to his elders, the whole empire would show tranquility.”


Have you ever thought, my friends, what it is to honor your mother? To honor your father? Is it to sit at their feet and say, “Mom, fix me another pie because nobody makes pies like you do. I love the way you clean; I love the way you changed my diaper?” Is this honoring her?


Or does honoring your mother mean for you to become what she hoped you would become? To remember again her teachings – those things that she told you in the quiet times that you had together – and then to act in that way. To remember her good attributes and make them a part of your life. That is honoring your mother.


Today, I am going to urge you to do something. Let me read to you from the Bible first. This is what God can do:


“He raises the poor from the dust. He lifts the needy from the ash heap to make them sit with princes and with the princes of his people. He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children.
Praise the Lord!”


This message can be to both the males and females – barren doesn’t mean not having children yourself.


In your mother’s memory – adopt someone, adopt a child to be extra kind to. If you are in retirement, adopt someone, and teach them your trade.


Spread your good through another. I ask for this adoption to be a silent adoption, for you to choose someone who is in your life, right now, or who you pray will be led into your life.


You are going to pass on a bit of yourself. You are going to give and keep on giving. You are going to take that person under your wing and their life will change for the better, and your life will change for the better as you give. You are going to be making difference in the world.   You will be bringing motherhood into a daily realm.
As you do this, you will be a blessing of God.


“Mother’s Day,” by Grace Crowell.


“Let us do today as she would have us do. Let us be clean as she would have us be. Let us be brave and fine and strong and true, fulfilling her dreams for you or her dreams for me. Above the gift is the giver. Let us give the precious substance of our life to make the world a better place.
Because we live let us live warmly for her sake.


“What would your mother choose and what would mine desire as a gift on this her day? Some momentary bauble that would shine or armloads of blossoms that would fade away? These, too, perhaps, but oh how much better fare than gifts to place upon the high shelves would be our lives like some pure steadfast star. Our heart, the golden riches of ourselves.”


Today, we are going to ask God, in our mother’s memory, to send someone to us who we can help, who we can silently mother. That person may be downhearted and may need your cheerfulness. That person may need belief in them. You will know what they need because you will have been through it, and then you can pass help on. Believe me, the moment you pray for this to happen, that person will arrive in your life. In helping that person in your actions, you will see again your mother in your mind’s eye, as she first helped you.


God bless you – Happy Mother’s Day!


This is a repeat of a special writing, especially for mothers by Mr. Chenowerth.


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