Sailing in Calm Seas

“… I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20





When we get stressed and frustrated, the antidote is to claim a calm faith, not in your own cleverness, or in hard toil, but in God’s guidance. Norman Vincent Peale (paraphrased)



If you really want to change your life, you have to do it at a soul level.



Think about this – “You walk down the path that only you can walk on, but you walk with a new bounce in your step; a new stride in your motivation. To walk that way, you walk with God. And the way you walk with God as a human being is to have faith inside of yourself.”



You have heard the saying many times that two minds are better than one. We know that that is true. The two minds I am talking about are your mind and God’s mind working together, synchronized in His Divine power. If you are together, not as one mind, but as two minds, where you are using Divine inspiration within your mind, you have a tremendous ability to live your life successfully.



When many people think about two minds being better than one, they are thinking about two human minds. That produces the type of activity like the two cartoon characters Chip and Dale. One says, “After you,” and the other says, “No, after you,” then the first says, “No, I insist, after you.” No one ever makes a decision. When you are working with God and the other Mind is God, God says, “Follow me, “, and you no longer argue because you walk in your faith. This brings you strong reassurance.



Life is a maze. We get ourselves in a tangle of difficulty, whether it is inside our mind, body, or inside our businesses. Or perhaps our relationship challenges seem to be a maze. Whatever the need, we need to solve that problem from a higher level of mind than we were in when we created the problem. The only way we can do this fast, efficiently, is to turn our mind to God. The Bible says to be renewed by the renewing of your mind. The Bible says to have that mind that was in Christ Jesus. When we do that, when we combine those two minds into one, we are strengthened and renewed.



When we are down or have a problem, we start kicking ourselves and worry, usually about nothing major. We start thinking about all the things we should not think about. But when we combine the two minds into one, we have that filling up of God that lifts us up, that motivates us, and that leads us on through the maze of life, through the obstacle course, to victory on the other side. Faith in God brings success.



When you look in the mirror, you see a human being. You look at this human being and may wonder why in the world are you here. What is my purpose you say? Well, the answer is that you are a child of God. You are here to take something that is good already and make it better. The way you do that is by teaming up with God; and in prayer, asking for Divine ideas and guidance that will inspire your way and will allow that special, miraculous activity to work through you.



What is vision? Vision is a picture of faith. Perhaps we need a new vision of ourselves now and in the future. We can receive this through faith.



Do you ever think that you would like to be better, wiser, and in all ways more valuable to the world than you now seem to be? If you do, there is hope for you. “If you shall ask anything of God,” said Jesus Christ, “God will give it to you in my name.” Try definite speaking in faith.   Say, “In the name of Jesus Christ, let Thy goodness, Thy wisdom, Thine allness express and manifest in me,” and you will have the answer you are looking for.



When you believe in something bigger than yourself and hold onto the faith of God in the midst of trouble and adversity, you hold on with a faith united with the faith in Jesus Christ –and at that point, you have success.



I know most have heard this story, but again, bear with me. This is a story of a frog. Once upon a time there was a frog who jumped into a kettle of boiling water. The frog knew, immediately, that it was boiling water, and jumped out to safety.



But once upon a time there was another frog who jumped into a kettle of lukewarm water. As he was in this lukewarm water, the water gradually increased in temperature. It got hotter and hotter. The frog was more and more uncomfortable, but the frog did not jump out. Because the temperature of the water was raised gradually, the frog got used to it. After a while, the frog died.



If we jump into a situation and we immediately perceive it is bad, we immediately jump out. But a lot of times something slowly wears at us, and we don’t realize that things are going wrong. We stay exactly where we are, in the same level of awareness where we have been. It is that time when we need to jump out.



We need to think like Christ, not like others; and we need to stop trying to solve our problems by our own thoughts of fear. Let Christ solve the difficulties. Our lives and the way we go about our lives will be quite different. We will move in victory. We will have faith in a new and profound way inside of us. When we have faith in that way, we’re going to be lifted up every time.



There is a piece of poetry by Ella Wheeler Wilcox that points to a paradox of the sea. She says,



“One ship drives east,
Another drives west,
With the same self-winds that blow.
What makes the difference in their courses
Is the set of the sails.”



What makes a difference inside of us is the set of the sails of our faith. You can have two people going through the same difficulty, but with a greatly different reality inside each of them. You can have one person who is throwing up his or her hands in despair, and another person realizes God’s help with new power and direction of their life. The power and direction of life is in life itself, from the Source of life—God.



We all have known people who have been swayed by almost anything. If the slightest wind blew, they were blown off course. We know other people anchored by faith, who always stayed the course, and no matter how hard or how fast the wind of trouble blew in their life, they were not moved. They always got to the other side. When you see this type of person, you realize God is the answer. The answer is not to be blown around, buffeted by the winds of chance. It is to hold on to the lasting foundation of God. We need to set our lives to the highest standing.



We begin to come to this point in our spiritual lives by decreeing our relationship to the Almighty; by decreeing that we are not separate, but one. We determine, in this decree, our joy and our freedom and our peace.



Freedom from what? Freedom from our own mind and its destructive thoughts. Peace will pass our own understanding as the Bible says, because we have God with us. No matter what is going on outside of us, we feel at peace, no longer buffeted by the winds of fate, we are anchored to God.



You may have everything wonderful in the world, but if you are disturbed in your mind, everything is awful. Or, you may have everything challenging in the world,; and IF you are at peace in your mind, everything is okay. Peace precedes healing of all conditions. And nothing causes peace like strong faith.



We have to realize that there is a connecting place of prayer inside of us. We let go and let God have control, instead of our worries and our fears becoming the ruler. When we decree God’s good from the place of faith, we command the “subjects of our kingdom” – -the thoughts we are thinking, the words we are speaking–to be obedient to this decree. We are decreeing that we will have different feelings and different ideas that will be happening inside of us. We will express this in a new and higher way, and our good will be established by God.



Try this for a time. Let go of your human thinking right now, for a moment, and realize that right with you at this moment, there is a higher way. Get faith now by closing your eyes and praying this short prayer:



In the name of Jesus Christ, I decree for myself: health, purity, and wholeness. I decree for myself: energy, strength, and power. I decree for myself: joy, happiness, and harmony. I decree for myself: life, light, and enlightenment. I decree for myself: well-being, plenty, and abundance in all good things. I decree for myself: true activity and service. I decree for myself: a spiritual mind and a spiritual body . . .



Thank you dear God… Amen.



The reason we come to church and to this Bethel is to remember; this is a reminder in society to recall that, that which we already know. Life should not be hard; it can be easy if we let it, IF we let God.



It should be a joy. In faith, you are the commander of your ship. In faith, you can take the wheel again. In faith, you can sail it with a power and a strength that all the great ships have had through-out time. I invite you to do so. It’s a lot easier than just drifting around buffeted by every wind of the world and not knowing where you are going.



It’s time to get strong in faith and let God guide your ship!



God Bless You!


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