Saying Good bye to Old Problems

Goodbye Old Problems

“Look to the LORD and God’s strength; seek God’s face always.” 1 Chronicles 16:11



An objective of Christianity’s throughout the years has been to help you say good-bye to the old problems that seem to have been with you for years. There are many that have problems like that–no matter how they try to rid themselves of them, they stick. We, especially do this during January when we declare our New Year’s Resolutions.



“Christianity can be like Teflon, problems no longer stick, and there’s easy cleanup.”



One of the reasons why we pray, go into our Bethel or church, and chat with others is that we want to get rid of our problems. You hear about people who have had miraculous changes come when they have prayed. Our little Bethel allows for that opportunity as does many other churches, groups, and home prayer meetings.



A woman told a very moving story. A few years ago she discovered that she had a tumor. Immediately, when the doctor told her, she thought, “I’m going to die!” She was shaking all over. She said she thought she would pass out, but she walked over to the telephone and called a prayer ministry for prayer.



Immediately, something happened inside her. No longer was she wearing the fear of her own demise. Instead, she was wearing the clothes, the spiritual consciousness of victory, and she was able to go forward toward complete healing with God’s help.



Psalm 4:1 states, “Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God.  Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer.”



Our life is built by spiritual vision. Through answered prayer, a new vision is built in us that knows the truth of God. We pray and we trust. Not one part of this ministry would exist if prayer didn’t work. Not one!



Prayer works. We are a place of spirituality for all people. We pray with and for all people, and prayer works. I believe it will work for you this day. It works all the time as you turn, sincerely, to God. But we must always remember and hold this truth: God’s will be done, and we must embrace that. Sometimes, God’s simple answer is “No.” He is in control, and all is well.



If you have a healing need or another major problem you have been dealing with in your life, and you have not been able to solve it by your own means or on your own level of mind, then turn to the power of prayer. Now is the time to say goodbye to old problems with God’s help. And prayer and action are the ways we say and do that. Action following prayer and moving forward in His word, saying goodbye to those antiquated issues brings us to fulfillment.



When you begin your prayer, you are connected with the most powerful force you have ever been connected with in your life – with God, directly. God will take care of any challenge you have in your life.



Psalm 50:15 says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”



If we pray with someone and see the miracles that have occurred in this person’s life, we know it is because they have made a direct connection with God. All we need to do is look around and we see miracle after miracle



All we are, even in our best moments as a ministry, are signposts to point you in a certain direction. AND the direction of the sign points to God.  You have God with you. And if you have that perfection with you, you can do all things. Nothing eludes or escapes you or is far off from you.



At the beginning of every prayer time, state aloud: It is not I, but the Christ who does the work. That is so important. It is not to make me, or you, a mighty personality because of our prayer work, but it is to realize that we give our lives to God, and we allow God to come through us by allowing God to come through other people.



We constantly keep aware of the presence of God. We constantly stay faithful in prayer to the teachings of Jesus Christ.



When you call on us for prayer, it is as if we are a magnitude of international folded hands all pointing toward heaven. We are as a huge cathedral with many people praying. –praying to help you say those goodbyes to those old problems.



I am sure that right now people are praying with us all over the world. People are agreeing to keep a certain amount of their day free to turn to God, not only for themselves, but also for all those who call and write for prayer.



Prayer is spiritual. Success in it requires the focus of our spiritual faculties. Prayer is communion between you and God. It is a knowing you have the power yourself to contact God, and that God has the power to contact you.



Jesus says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8



There is never a time when you are separate from God. The door opens, always.



In Galatians 3:27 our Bible states, “Put on Christ.” This is what we do in following Jesus Christ.



You are one with God, right now, right where you are. You are one with God in your diversity, your happiness, and in every situation. But you have to realize it.



Every person we pray with is a child of God – not separate from God. When you go anywhere, you need to realize that you are protected. God is with you.



This is a remembrance society. We come here to remember the power of God. We come to give thanks and join others in our love and connection – one with God. We are here in joy and thanksgiving as we say goodbye to all our old problems.



With God our old problems can slide off us like Teflon. Let’s “claim” that now, today through prayer.



This is the time when you ask for, expect, and receive the answers to those old problems you want. The healing is at hand. God is at hand. In your church and in our bethel, our prayer room,, You will receive the well-being you so desire. And, remember, you receive it directly from God.



I know that you can’t make a plant grow by pulling on it. I can’t pull on you, shake you, and tell you to do this. You have to say, “Yes, God, I’ll do it now.”



It will be something like this: I see myself as God sees me – strong, healthy, wise, and with plenty to meet my every need.



I have a strength inside of my physical body that God gives me. There is strength in my legs, hands, arms, and mind. The strength of God is moving with a higher power inside of me. Physically, I have MS, but MS does not have me.



Say this in prayer: I am with God right now. I am healthy. I have never been so healthy in my life. I’ve never been so vital—feeling young. I am regenerating in God’s perfection, right now, in the Christ presence.



Right now, I am wise. My mind is connected to God. There is fusion between the human mind and God’s  “Mind”. Every thought I think is higher for I choose God-given Divine ideas.



Right now, I have plenty. I am never at a loss for great ideas. I am receiving ideas of and from God, and I have the courage, power, and strength to act on those ideas. I go forth to live a life of opulence ridding myself of that weight of old problems clinging to me. (That is putting on the Christ!)



With this energy from God, I can say goodbye to old problems and create this vital walk with God.



Luke 18:1, “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and never give up.”



Let us pray:


Dear God, I choose this day, that I will put on the answers to my prayers. I will become a walking manifestation of what I have sought. Because I become it, I draw all like good to me. Nothing eludes me because I am what I seek. I now have the power to say goodbye to old problems with Your help, God.



I am Your health. I am Your guidance. I am a walking, living, talking, joyous, laughing manifestation of the best of God working within a human being. I have put these Christ attributes on and I will not take it off.


In Jesus Christ’s name . . . Amen







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