“But the fruit of the Spirit is… Gentleness.” Galatians 5:22,23



I want you to meet my best friend in all the world. I will describe/introduce you to her. In a moment, I am also going to describe someone else for you– my worst enemy in all the world.



I want to talk about one of the most powerful things I could ever talk about. It is a primary teaching of our Bible. It is a primary teaching of the Christian teachings. It is the power in our words.



All cultures, all religions, have taught that a human’s word has great power – more power than we think from human mind. Many teachings have realized the special power of the written word and the spoken word.



The Greeks long believed that words were filled with a sort of mystical power, that one could do anything with words.



But listen to what Jesus Christ believed. Matthew 15:10., “Listen and understand; it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but it is what comes out of the mouth that defiles.”



When He said this, the disciples didn’t understand at all. They went through many verses of saying, “Now, come on Jesus, tell us exactly what you mean.” He goes on to say [Matthew 15:16-20]: “Are you also still without understanding? Do you not see that whatever goes into the mouth enters the stomach, and goes out into the sewer? But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this is what defiles. For out of the heart come evil intentions, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, slander. These are what defile a person, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile.”



How can you murder with your mouth? You can do a murdering with your mouth. You can talk about murdering. You can talk about things that are not true about you, and you can literally commit murder on the cells of your being. You can talk about things that are untrue about family members and commit murder of character.



There are two things that you and I can do with this tool of our words.



We can build up, or we can tear down.




I now want to describe my best friend. This is my mouth, my tongue inside of my mouth, and my vocal cords.



I now want to describe my worst enemy. This is my mouth, my tongue inside of my mouth, and my vocal chords.



I can do more damage with my mouth than I can with my fist – to myself (mainly), to others, to my world, and to the situations in my life.




Over and over again, Jesus was saying to each of us that we have great power and a great responsibility. We are Christians. We’re not here by accident. We are here to live the teachings, and to broadcast a positive light and voice to our world.



You are the light to your world. But the light does not mean a light bulb. It means a vibratory power coming out from your lips. What do you shine on? What do you illuminate? The people who are around you, and the very cells of your own body.



Your words express who you are. The spoken word is the means by which unspoken thoughts inside of you take on dimension. Every word you use comes out of a thought that you cherish, and the thought you cherish rules your life.



You may be cherishing the wrong thing. You may be cherishing thoughts that could harm you or others. We need to look at that and realize what we are voicing power about what we cherish.




It is primarily through our words that the depth, height, and breadth of our faith or the lack of faith is revealed to others. Our words betray our dominant state of mind.



I can come into your room, stand there, smile at you, and until I open my mouth you might love me. But then I could open my mouth and say to you, “You know, let me tell you some things about ‘Mary.’ Let me tell you some gossip or slander. Let me bring up something negative. Let me tell a sordid story.”



The minute I do this, I don’t speak about Mary or anything else. I speak about MY level of consciousness. I broadcast it out and I’m stripped defenseless in that moment because of what comes out of my mouth.



It can also be the reverse. You might not care at all about me until I open my mouth. Then, when I do, the sweetness that comes out of my mouth enfolds you and makes you feel good. We are then together as brother and sister. It is something you will cherish because of the vibratory power that comes forth.



Every time we open our mouths, we paint a living picture to others of our present state of consciousness. We need to paint the right kind of picture.



Human beings have a primary need. Do you know what that need is? To be loved. We all want to be loved. I want more love in my life, and so do you. I believe the only thing that keeps us from that love is our mouths. I speak and it builds a wall between us. You can’t get through that wall, nor would you want to.



Or I can speak and tear down every wall that has existed between any human being when I speak with Christ-love consciousness.



When we do this, we have a power that will draw all people to us. And how do we speak about ourselves to others?



Do we ever tell people, “This skirt is awful. I’m ashamed of this skirt. I’m just not feeling too well today?” We paint a colorful mural of our disabilities to them. They have to get through our painting of words and our own definition of ourselves to like us. But most will just reject us at the face value of our own degrading words about ourselves.



We have seen people do this in job interviews. They come in and tell the employer everything that is wrong first. Even coming from trying to see the God given goodness in everyone, you have to climb over this hurdle to get to the other positive side. People only know you (really know you) by the picture you paint with your words.



I have a question for you: If you were a new car, and you were the car salesperson, would you buy you? Would you buy you, or would you run out of that dealership? Here’s another question for about finding a soulmate (assume for a moment you are single): Would you marry you by the words you say about yourself?



People are attracted to us by our words more than anything else. We do not say, “I don’t like Mary because of the way she does her hair and her pretty clothes. I like Mary because of the words that come out of her mouth.” The power of words is what binds us together.



Do you talk yourself up, or do you talk yourself down? Do your words give pleasure to other people? After you have talked and left a room, do people feel on fire with life, or do they feel on fire?



Do you find pleasure in your own words?



Allow yourself to only speak words that are healthy. Speak words that are vitality, affirming God. Do your words ever promote fear where you bring up every possible bad or worst thing that can happen? Or do your words promote a God protection and Divine guidance? Do your words ever criticize or even constructively criticize (which is a constructive tearing down)?



I ask you to use your mouth as a builder. I ask you to make a serious commitment to use the words that come out of your mouth as a builder, to build up everything you see and come in contact with, to praise and give thanks to people.



I ask you to make a commitment to speak positive. In doing so, you agree to speak words that give life to yourself and others.



In Proverbs 16:24 it says, “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb.”



Think about this. With a honeycomb we can go in and get a little honey from one of the areas. When that is totally empty, we can go and relive it by opening up another area.



This is what you do for people when you speak pleasant words. One of the most powerful times is when you go into an area where everybody is speaking something that is not so pleasant, you come in and bring the presence of God. You speak pleasant words.



When you hear someone tearing down someone else and you come in and say something good about that person, this is the powerful word of God. Or when you talk to your daughter or son and constantly say good things to them (even when things don’t seem to be going well), there is a lasting power in doing that. That is something she or he will take with them all of their life.



Moment-by-moment we choose what will add sweetness to life or not so sweet occasions for people to remember. Words of praise, gratitude and thanks expand, set free, and in every way radiate energy.



Imagine something for a moment. Imagine we’re all on a ship.
Ships have something written across their back – the ship’s name. This ship is called “Relation.” We see it sailing and we realize that this is a very unusual ship because it is not powered by gasoline or the wind. It is powered by our words. We steer the ship by the words we speak, and we also empower the ship.



So this ship, Relation, is going along. With our mouth as the Captain, it is going across into wonderful, calm seas or against the rocks. So it is with our relationships.



We have relationships with everyone who comes into our lives and with God through the power of our words. Words are living things. The words we speak do not die when spoken. They continue. They go on acting and changing things according to their character – good or bad.



The word of truth doesn’t mean to just carry the Bible around with you and to read scripture to people. It is living, life-giving talking coming forth from you – being a light, being a joy, being a positive influence with your words to everyone you meet in your life.



What is your life? Your life is your working situation, your relationships, the people you meet wherever you go. How will your life change, this day, if you change the words that come out of your mouth and you dedicate yourself to saying good words all the time?



The question people ask is this: “Can I really change the words that come out of my mouth? Do I have the power? Can I be in control?”



You are God’s capable creation. If you choose to do this, you can do this. You are empowered to do this and nothing can stop you. Your words will take on power and authority because you decide and you give them the chance to take on power and authority. You can affirm God’s good in all of life. You know, with God’s help, that your mouth, my mouth, becomes God’s mouth .



Make a commitment to not speak anything negative for the next 30 days; you take the pledge not to say one thing negative.



Isaiah 55:11, “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and succeed in the thing for which I sent it.”



We know that if we speak the truth, lives are going to brighten. If we speak the truth to ourselves, our own lives are going to pick up and become better.



But there is also another aspect to this. When you speak, believing in positive prayer, miracles are going to happen.



“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” [John 1:1].



In the beginning you have the divine logos. This is the word of the Divine in your thought. Inside of you, what is this logo? It is God that has the full possibilities and potential at any moment to come through your mind. As it comes into your human mind, it will speak the perfect Word of God. It speaks the Word of God.



We have to accept the thought of God, feel it inside of us, and allow it to go forth into the world.



Let us pray.


Lord, allow me as a child of God, to accept the command of Jesus. Allow my words to be always beauty, spirit, love, and life, bringing joy and comfort to all around me.


In Jesus Christ’s name . . . Amen.




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