He is Within


“I will comfort you.” Isaiah 66:13


A small child was drawing a picture. His teacher said, “That’s an interesting picture. Tell me about that picture.”


The child said, “It’s a picture of God.” The teacher said, “Nobody knows what God looks like.”


The child looked up and said, “They will when I get done.”


It has been said, that what we think about God says more about us, than about God.


You can have a new life in God. But what is your concept of God? What do you really feel—deep down—about God?


A lady said, “I’m having great problems. Let’s pray to the man upstairs.”


The minister said, “I’m sorry. I can’t.”


She looked at the minister with shock and said, “You can’t pray to the man upstairs?”


The clergyman said, “No, because God’s not up there. God’s on the same floor we are on right now.”


We can pray to God, but we have to know where God is first. God is here with us in every location we are – right in your room. God is with us all. This is what Jesus said. God’s not far off.



Christ in you, your hope of glory. What does “Christ in you” mean? At this moment, we have radio and television signals passing throughout this room.  If you had the right type of receiver with you, you could pick up these signals.



The signals are here—everywhere present even though you can’t see them.
They are right in front of you, and they’re at the back and sides of you, and going through you. The signal is everywhere. But when the signal is turned on inside of the receiver (the radio), when it exists in the temple of the radio, it becomes the full manifestation, the full potential, of what the radio can be. This is what the Spirit of God is like working within you. Your body is the temple of God.



In your house, wherever you are sitting, you are immersed in God. That is
so important for you to know. Your help is at hand. It’s not so important for you read this or other words of love or  to hear me or anyone else speak; it is important for you to know that when you walk into this room, in your awareness and remembrance, you are immersed in the full help, and health of God.




Then, it is important to know that God is in you as full perfect life.
Your mind and body are the temple in which you are worshipping. God is NOT far away from you. If you are going through any emergency, problem or challenge—know that God is right there with you.




Often when faced with an emergency, we don’t think we can do it. We don’t think we have enough inside of us to do what needs to be done. But when we know that God is with us and we say, “God is with me, uplifting me, and God is going to give me the strength and courage to go on,” something happens. You remind yourself of a Divine power, beyond yourself – your help in every need. You are able to face all situations.



What is it to experience the presence of God? Tennyson said, “Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.” It was once said that our God is never so far off as to even be near.



A fraction of an inch between a runner and the tape, and the race is still not won. A hair’s depth between paper and a pen, and the contract is still not signed.




Color television is a good example of this. Three primary colors blend; they are super-imposed on each other. This is called “convergence.” The three primary colors come together as one. If the colors are near—if they are not exact–the result is a blur. The colors must occupy exactly the same space in a state of—oneness.  My husband explained that to me.



When, in our prayer time, we say, “I am one with God,” it means one, not two; it means perfect oneness and not a blur. It means God is occupying the exact same space you are occupying as you sit in your chair at the same, exact moment.




God is not a fraction of a fraction of an inch distant from you. God’s color does not overlap you. God is not red and you are not blue.  There is a perfect blending; you are one. But you have to stay put and allow God to blend in your remembrance and awareness.




Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. God’s being and your being have to be in (what printers call) “perfect register.” It has to come into a perfection of oneness.




What does Jesus want of you? Have you ever asked that question? Jesus wants you to recognize and realize your oneness with God; to totally know that you are not separate.




How easy it is for our human mind to drift back, slide back, into this thinking that we are separate from God. We are not!  Real prayer recognizes oneness. “Be still and know that I am God.”




In God you are conscious of The Presence. In God you breathe and think. In God you move and speak. Being still does not mean begging, demanding, petitioning, or storming the throne. It means a calm resting, a reassurance, a certainty that is with you, you are in God and God is in you.




You are God’s offspring, heir, and child. God made you a permanent part of Him. You are, right now, one with God. It does not come through years of study or going to a seminary.  It is just a remembering of who you really are and who God really is.




You are nothing without God. You are alive because God is alive. God is life and life is in you. And He sent His only Son to redeem us and complete our oneness with Him.




The whole point is, you are not alone. You are never alone, even for a
minute, even in the middle of the night. The realization of this is the highest spiritual altitude that a human can obtain. It is the very stratosphere of God’s truth.



In Mark 11:22-23 says, “Jesus answered them, ‘Have faith in God. Truly I tell you, if you say to this mountain, Be taken up and thrown into the sea and if you do not doubt in your heart, but believe that what you say will come to pass, it will be done for you.’”



If you have that pure faith in God’s power and do not stop it with your human mind by
doubting—saying, “I can’t do this.” You let go and let God come through you, nothing will st

op you.


He goes on to say [Mark 11:24]: “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you HAVE received it, and it will be yours.” This is a promise.



Malachi 3:10   says: “And thus put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts.” Let me stop here and give you my opinion of what the “Lord of hosts” means. To me it means this is God’s body, and God is my host.




God is letting me use this body for a while. This is the temple of the living God. And God has been so kind to let me occupy space in this body for a while. God is my host. What a wonderful host God is! We’re having a joyous time; God is the host of my joyous life.



See if I will open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing.”  God will never disappoint your faith—never.



Some fear that we are not able to have that kind of faith. What is real faith? Faith is relaxation. Faith is staying put. If I have this core of me which is human, and it is shaking and trembling, while the perfect register of God is already here waiting to blend, all I need to do is to stay put and say, “God, fill my awareness. I let go. I let You take over. I leave it all to you God. Then I will move as you direct.”



Remember, the human is not the originator of power; the human is the user of God’s power. The human is not the originator of healing; the human is the user of God’s healing. You are meant to use God power.



Your goals are met in better ways than you alone could ever dream up.



You do not have to set it right—you have to see it right in your mind.



You are given unlimited power the moment your line of non-resistance is set up. Faith is that line. It’s a perfect conductor. You become non-resistant and you stop putting up the resistors to stop the power of God. I cease to question. I relax perfectly and my non-resistance is complete. Then you let the power work through you. You only have to prepare a channel of non-resistance in the direction you want the power to flow.



You let go of all the fighting, the strain, and the self-assertion inside of you. “I want it my way!” You let go of effort and you accept that God can bring you answers in a higher way than you can now perceive in your human mind.



God is not a far-away electricity dynamo from which power flows to your motor by means of a long, fragile wire. Your motor is within and God is there; He is the dynamo.



The more we shorten our line of faith by relaxation, the surer our answers to prayer becomes. Jesus did not say “Have faith about God;” He said to have faith IN God.



The next time you are in a challenge that is overwhelming you, remember these words of Jesus: “I have faith IN God.”  I don’t have faith about God.



My God is right here, within me.



God knows your desires. You do not need to convince God or win God to your side. You don’t need to negotiate with God because negotiation is not prayer. Prayer is getting still and letting the fulfillment of your desires come to you through the wonderful non-resistance you have allowed in the moment. The more you let it flow, the more it comes.



Let go and let God take control.



Let us pray:



Dear God, I pray that I leave this room with a new concept of You. You are not even near God; You are right here within me. Every time I do anything, I realize that I do not do it alone. You empower me. I constantly remind myself that I am walking in Your body, talking through Your body, using space in this wonderful place that I rent for a while. How great it is to live here. How great it is to live Your life.  Thank You, Lord, for this and for sending Your Son to also be with me in all my days.

In Jesus Christ’s name . . . Amen.


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