The Watcher

by Rhea Beaudry, Guest Blogger

Lately I have been very unsettled in my spirit, as I have been reading the numerous prophecies concerning September of 2015 and all of the things that seem to be converging on this time period. I have always been fascinated by end time prophecies and  their possible fulfillments in current events. I had been reading and studying and praying increasingly for a month or so, and I was beginning to grow anxious about it all. I took my anxiety to the Lord in prayer and He said something very interesting to me. He said, “Sometimes I allow certain people to just know about or sense coming events, in their spirits. Those who are given this awareness are not called particularly to do anything with this knowledge, other than just be a WATCHER. Most people would not be able to receive it, no matter how much detail was used to attempt sharing the knowledge. Watch and pray. Watch and pray.”

So I begin to settle down in my spirit. I was coming into that mode of watching and praying. Drawing near, pressing in.

Then I remembered the dream I had had in the summer of 2009 about The Watcher. Somehow I sense a connection between these two experiences.

In a dream that was so vivid that I knew it was more than a dream, I saw an angel, a watcher.

The other people in the dream said it was a “warrior angel” and was present to do battle against all the many things that were oppressing us. There were at least a dozen people present, some I can’t identify. My two daughters were there, and my husband was there. My parents and siblings were also part of the dream somehow. This whole group of people was freaking out over some of the things that were happening in our lives. We could sense the presence of an angel in the corner of the room. The room had beige walls. There was no furniture or wall décor in the far left corner, where we sensed the angel’s presence.

Suddenly I could see a hand and a white robed arm (as though backlit) reaching out from the angel’s left, our right, moving in a brushing stroking motion. No one else could see it. I described it to them, and one by one we felt that our troubling situations were being sent away. I was fascinated as they called out different things and I saw that hand move while we sensed the defeat of whatever it was. The others in the group were getting a bit over-awed by the supernatural nature of this experience, and some were fearful—even while being glad that their situations were being resolved. I still was the only one who could see that partial form, and I kept trying to tell them not to be afraid.

Suddenly it was as if a mist began to thin and clear, and I began to see the whole form. We had been referring to the angel as “she” but I then saw a huge, perfectly muscled and formed male form, robed in a white robe with long billowy sleeves. The only parts of him not covered by the robe were his hand and his head. The hand was smooth (as opposed to looking work-worn) and held in a calm, relaxed, outstretched demeanor with the arm extended towards us. He appeared to be a young olive-skinned male with a sensitive beautiful face framed by very thick loosely curled black hair. A curl would escape down onto his face, and it would be tucked back (by unseen hands from behind) as if to prevent him from looking overly childlike. A gentle expression emanated from his large dark eyes, which were framed by black brows and lashes. He did not look in the least fearsome. His eyes were the prominent feature of his face. I felt that he was a conduit for the Father’s love, which shone around him as a visible light, and was expressed through his penetrating eyes. He didn’t say a word. He remained in a watchful position over us.

I attempted to convey the peace and calm I was seeing but the rest of my group were still agitated and somewhat worked up as they kept bringing up different warfare issues. The angel just kept slowly moving his hand and arm, seemingly just effortlessly brushing or wiping those things away from us. I felt he wanted us to see the peace, not the problems.

Suddenly I felt myself lifted up towards the angel. I began to glide effortlessly above the floor until I found myself very close to him. He was huge, but not in the least bit frightening. He beckoned me, and we glided out of the building and across outdoor terrain. It was night time. I felt absolutely free and had the sensation of being carried, flying without any effort on my part. We flew over my childhood home.  In the dream, my daughter had told me something about my parents being engaged in some kind of battle that they felt helpless against. The angel brought God’s peace and I observed it as it entered the house, and my parents relaxed. I don’t know what the issue was.

Throughout the dream I was conscious of being in flight with the angel and being in the original room with the group of people I had started with. I’m a bit hazy on details, but several issues were dealt with in this same easy peaceful manner. It was as though I were being allowed to witness the angel’s mission of peace. I told the others, who still could not see the angel, and couldn’t see me when I was drawn to him, that though he had been identified as a warrior, and they saw him as a fierce entity, I was seeing him as a “Watcher”. I was conscious that he had been sent by God for our protection, and that all he needed to do to send our enemies fleeing was to watch. He had no sword or other weapon—it was the movement of his hand and the love pouring from his eyes that drove the enemy away. He did nothing in his own power, but emanated the power of God flowing out through the love he had for us. To me, he was a personification of the “tender watch-care of the Lord” over His beloved.

The others seemed to be going through a trying time of warfare/work, but I was having a lark flying with the angel above all the problems and issues being dealt with. I tried to tell them they didn’t have to work so hard like that, that the angel was sent to take care of us in the power of the Lord, and we should just rest in God’s tender care.

This dream took place during a very restless night after having a couple of close calls with highway trouble on the way up to Roseau, Minnesota to vacation at our daughter and son-in-law’s hunting land. Twice, we had felt the protection of the Lord from bizarre things that happened with Gary’s vehicle. First a piece of wood blew out of the truckbed and managed to hit a small switch on the front of his travel trailer which activated the lowering of the jacks. They extended all the way down until the metal pads were dragging on the highway. A fountain of sparks spewed from them. We phoned them from behind to pull over. No damage was done, but it certainly could have thrown the whole rig into imbalance and caused major damage. Even the jacks remained unbent. The odds against the piece of wood randomly hitting that switch were enormous.

A little while later, we had stopped for a rest stop, and as Gary was pulling back onto the highway, suddenly his trailer’s wheels locked tight and he couldn’t go forward. He managed to force the vehicle off to the shoulder, and he thought it was the transmission of the truck. He called a tow truck, and we were facing a several-day repair job. As my husband looked around the back of the rig while waiting for the tow truck, he noticed that there was a deep drag-mark skid behind the right rear tires on the trailer. When the tow truck arrived, the man asked what it felt like, and as it was described to him, he instantly knew what the trouble was. A heavy sack in the trailer had shifted against the cable to the emergency brake system and disconnected it. All that was needed was for it to be reconnected, and we were good to go. He was very kind, friendly and helpful.

It wasn’t until later as I was writing this that I remembered that he had dark curly hair and beautiful dark, warm and caring eyes.

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About Rhea Beaudry

I am a retired person who loves to find many ways to share the love of God with others. I love to blog; I also love gardening, photography, sewing, quilting, and crafts. My passion is to see people connected with each other and helping each other to grow and flourish.

One thought on “The Watcher

  1. WOW Rmb, that was definately two God moments for sure. My arm hairs were standing up while reading it. But then Peace came over me as you explained at the end. I had an experience when Jesus appeared to me right before my big cancer surgery reassuring me that I would be ok. So I know what it is like. I wanted him to come back. The door swung open and a deacon from the church came in and scared me. I need to read this again.

    Written very well.


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