Back Into the Future

 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE, there is life and joy. Proverbs 13:12



John Henry Newton once said, “Fear not that your life shall come to an end, but rather that it should never have a beginning.”



We are part of a new time in our lives now, IF we allow it to be so. Surprisingly, it takes MORE effort and energy to go back to the past—than it does to go forward. The past was an exciting time. But, it was not without challenges.



Of course, we have lots of challenges in our lives, but let’s look at them as only opportunities to work with God and realize new encouraging depth to life, to make us greater, wiser, perhaps more forgiving, and certainly, more loving. It always happens that we have the opportunity to learn from any experience, and we do learn when God is guiding us.



Luke 12:31, Jesus said, “Seek God’s kingdom first, and all these things shall be yours as well.”



So, we look at the good in the past. Wonderful things happened, BUT the best is yet to come!


If we are not careful and watch ourselves, we can take the future away and re-live the past on a daily basis – going over and over the same past like a loop, reliving it and never getting out of that cycle. We can become so comfortable with a certain state of mind that we carry forward the hopes of trying to make the present just the same as the past.



God wants us to grow, and become more than we were yesterday.



I challenge you, to be as neutral and as open, as you can be, to new beginnings. I have noticed that there are usually two reasons why we do not want to start something new, or have new experiences. One of them is the tendency we have for limiting ourselves. We say:



“Oh, I can’t do that.”



“All my friends tell me I can’t do that.”



“You hardly ever see a man try to do that.”



“It is very rare that you would see a woman do that.”


“I can only do so much.”



“Look at me, I am too little/large/young/old. How can I do this great thing that is in my mind? How can I fulfill this dream?”



“There is just so much I can do. Give me a break; I am only human.”



“Maybe that is good for someone else, but not for me.”



These are self-imposed limitations, that end up being self-fulfilling prophecies. With God, we can soar above the level of our former self. Whatever comes to your mind, you can achieve it, with God’s help, God’s direction, and God’s inspiration.



Dare to visualize and picture yourself succeeding, in your mind. Dare to dream it, to capture it, and then to soar. Now, you cannot soar sitting in a chair. You cannot soar in front of the television watching Duck Dynasty or other shows. You cannot soar while telling everybody about all the wonderful things you are going to do in “the future,” doubting yourself in the present that you have the ability to accomplish it. You cannot soar by looking at a book about diets and then eating the same things you have always eaten (guilty of this one). You cannot soar while talking about being a fantastic Bible student, and then missing the classes. You cannot soar by speaking negative statements about yourself and what you believe you cannot do.



God didn’t create you to be a pessimist. God created you to look at the possibilities in life and prove those possibilities to be your own. So, the first reason we do not want to have new beginnings is the inclination we have for limiting ourselves.



The second reason is the fear we have of making a mistake. Does that sound familiar?



1 Peter 5:7 “Cast your anxieties on him.”



“I do not want to end up with egg on my face. Why should I do that? If I make a mistake they are going to laugh at me and talk about me. Why don’t I just be satisfied with the way things are? A bird in the hand is better than two in a bush.” Do you know how we talk to ourselves? We listen to those little negative voices.



We cannot dare to dream and soar, when we limit ourselves by being concerned about making a mistake. God has invested in each of us. Love the opportunity to do greater things.



Next year you will reflect back on this year, and see how you have pushed past certain mental and emotional states  to achieve the things you have wanted to achieve with God’s help.



In Psalms 23 1-3, we are reassured with the familiar words: “The Lord is my shepherd…He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul.”



Spiritually we are all seeking a restored soul. A fully charged soul. A fully energized soul.



Years ago, Dr. Robert Schuler was talking about soaring and the changes we go through. He said there are three things involved in making positive changes in your life.



First, there must be a commitment.


Second, there must be a plan of action.


And third, you must be willing to pay the price.



If you think about, every great thing that has happened to you did not come because you were lucky. As Christian students, we spiritually know that we draw everything to us by right of awareness of God’s presence in our life. We actually spiritually earn it.



Philippians 4:11 states “I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content.”



When wonderful things happen in our lives, we say, “What a wonderful answer to prayer. Thank You, God. I will use faith again and again and again.” These spiritual truths excite us; and they are active in our lives.



Dare to dream, and soar, in your future. Dare to be a better person than you have ever been. Push past limitations and past the voices within us. Do you have a voice within your mind?



I do. I call her Gretel!



Gretel will always talk to me when I want to do something different. Gretel likes the status quo. Gretel tells me, “Oh Peggy, there you go again. Just be petrified; don’t move; don’t move forward. It could be worse. So what if you do not have an exciting life? At least you do not have a really sad life. So what if you are not prospering? At lea

st you are not broke.”


Now I know that Gretel is the voice of my own fears that exists in me, that tendency to not rock the boat, that tendency in me to not to take risk. Gretel was that individual that was playing her role.



I have decided, and you must decide too, to listen to God instead of the doubting voices within our own human mind.



Psalms 121:2, “My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”



Your help comes directly from God who will make your heaven right here on earth.



To Gretel I say,Thanks for sharing, but I do not want to do that. Go away. I am now going to grow closer to God. I am now going to strengthen my faith. I am now going to push past my own doubts and insecurity to work with God in manifesting my dreams.”




It is not in our best interest to limit ourselves. We know it is not in our best interest to worry about making mistakes. Sometimes we are going to make mistakes. Has every decision you have ever made worked out for the best? Think about it. Mistakes often work out though because of the positive lessons we learned from them. Even the most spiritual people in the world make mistakes. Thank goodness that we are all moving toward the “Promised Land,” that we are all moving toward our good in God. With God’s help and guidance it is possible to turn our mistakes into our biggest victories. It is the journey that is crucial to your soul’s growth.



But we do not want to wallow in the mistakes. We want to learn from them so we can pick ourselves up with God’s help and move forward. So we dare to dream and soar in our future.




en we have our new beginnings, we must get started.


Jesus said in Matthew 25:34, “Come, you blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”



If you do not step out in faith, this time, next year, you will probably be in the same place as you are today. But you have to take that step and make the commitment. That is the first step; and God  will give you the power step-by-step to make that strong commitment.



Psalms 37:23, “The steps of a human are from the Lord.”



At the same time, you have free will to accept or reject the energy, the motivation, the guidance and direction of your steps from God. Your commitment lies there waiting for that decision.



A mountain climber has what is called a “commitment move.” You have a little place on the mountain where you can put your feet, and there is a place where there is just enough room to put your hands. If you are learning how to mountain-climb, the instructor will say, “Okay, make your commitment move,” which means to go up a little higher. Now, you are frozen because it is risky. You have a real tight grip on your handholds. You have a rope tied around you, and if you fall, you cannot fall more than six inches. That rope is God’s presence—God will not let you fall. The coach says, “Go for it! Make that commitment move!”



So, now we’re going to have to decide to make that commitment move or go back to our rocking chair and rewind the past, thinking about all the things from the past. But the great thing is that once the decision is made, and you step forward when you make that “commitment move,” the feeling is joy and –



You say, “Look at me! I am doing it!” Peter did it when he was walking on the water. You have done it in the past during certain experiences. There were times when you were frozen because you thought something was too risky, but when you affirm something like, “Christ in me is my hope of glory and I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” You can go on and take the move anyway. You can take the commitment move.



Change sometimes appears very slow at the start. It is like a locomotive. A locomotive is a powerful, huge machine. Did you know that a few blocks of wood could prevent it from moving? If you put blocks of wood in front of the wheels, you could rev it up and it would not go anywhere. But if you remove those blocks of wood, it will start going little by little by little by little. It will pick up steam, little by little. It will pick up so much momentum that it can literally go through seven feet of reinforced steel.



That is you! The blocks of wood could be your Gretel. Those blocks of wood in front of you are actually whatever in your life limits you from moving forward and taking that commitment step. Are you willing to take your blocks of wood out?



We are remarkable.



“With God’s direct inspirational help, and Divine ideas we are capable of doing any wonderful thing. We can actually soar. We have not YET reached our capacity. No human being that has not tapped the endless bottomless capacity of God has ever even touched the tip of the iceberg of what they are able to accomplish. We have not even gotten close to the potential that is available to us as human/spiritual beings.”



That little block of wood is oftentimes a little voice that says, “I cannot do it; I am afraid; it is too risky.” You take that block away and then you will start moving. You have a God-given source, you are equipped by God to manifest to your dreams.



When it comes to mind, it is time to take action and to do something about it. Let this be a really special experience for you. Dare to dream and soar in your future. Act on your dreams.



I would not let a block, such as a thought or belief limit me and stop this wonderful gift of God. I will make that commitment move. I will say to Gretel, “I will no longer follow your guidance. I will allow God to guide me and bless me, and make this a wonderful experience.”




If you have a great life, it can be greater. Let your future be the time you soar, to realize your dreams, the time you do something different, the time you are more of a blessing than ever before to your family, friends and your co-workers. Wherever you are, there is something new and special for you. God is going ahead of you to prepare your way of good. And there is no limitation of age.



Let’s do that now. Do not be overly concerned about your present life coming to an end. Rather, be concerned about it NEVER having a beginning.



In Psalms 65:9, the Bible states, “The river of God is full of water.”



This means there is a continuous flow. Your good is from your source; it is endless, and truly sometimes at flood stage.



If there is a dream, a desire, something knocking at your door, something you get excited over when you are talking to a friend, do it. And Go forward step by step with God’s moment to moment guidance, and do the thing that is deep within your heart and mind to do. It will not only be a blessing to you, but could be a blessing to the entire world.



May God bless you with your “commitment step” and your dreams coming true!



Let’s share in this prayer together.


Thank You, God, for this experience. As we go forward, help us remain open and receptive, fully aware of Your presence with us always, and fully aware of Your presence and Your work within each of us. We are so grateful.




And so it is, in Jesus Christ’s name . . . Amen


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