“…if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” Matthew 15:14


If we don’t receive our guidance from God to give us sight, spiritual vision, to show us the path, we will fall into that ditch. We are both blind people – blind leading the blind.


Have you ever tried to eat soup with a fork? What an effort that would be. Eventually, you would get it all eaten, if you didn’t give up or collapse from the task. Think about the people you know who have really, really had to struggle to live their life. We all have challenges, but some coast through their adversities, solving their dilemmas and learning from them. Do these people have that spiritual vision?


How many of you remember Dagwood Bumstead? I think the cartoon is still around. Dagwood had slumped down and said, “You know, I’m just not good enough to hold out – to make the change I want to make in myself.” He accepted his fate. He felt that no matter how hard he tried to change; he just didn’t have it in him.


We all have weaknesses inside of us – I know I do! And, we need to master them. Overcome the ennui, put down that violin, pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, and rediscover our worth, our passion, our calling.



The worst jail that a human being can ever be placed in is for someone to accept that they would never be able to change, that they would have to remain just exactly the way they are. Ironically, the inmates in the prison where both Paul and minister are very vocal in their belief that prison is what has set them free – because prison is where they found God.


To live in “Samesville” would be the worst fate that could ever happen to a human being. It is an oppressed society that will never be able to find or know freedom. How horrible to live on Sin Street, knowing you could never move to another area – like Grace Blvd.


We look at the past with our rose-colored glasses and we say, “Oh boy, wasn’t life marvelous back then?” A lot of the past was good, but thank God that we have moved on and we are going on to a new day and a new tomorrow.


God has great things in store for us but we must cooperate – with God.


We must first overcome our thoughts of failure; we need to conquer failure and realize we are worthy, and we can define ourselves spiritually and realize what we want in life. So many people today, adults, don’t even know what they want. They kind of know what they don’t want; but they don’t know what they do want.


So many people let others make their decisions and their choices for them. And then they question as to why life is so dissatisfying. So many people live their entire lives doing things that someone else wanted them to do, and they continue doing these things even though they are not satisfied and the person giving them those directions has left their life for many years ago.
You can have what you want. You can pray, and when you pray, if you believe without doubt while you are praying, you are going to have it.


So many people get down on their knees and pray today, tomorrow and the next day for exactly the same thing. . . Here is something I want you to remember: You don’t have to mail a letter twice! “Prayer is permanent, a living breathing spiritual thing that has been so decreed, and will bring to itself this or something better.” You don’t have to convince God again and again; you do have to convince yourself. Know what to you want, what your desire is for your life, believe that, share it with God. Once you do that, it is on its way. As Jesus said in John 14:14: You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. So, when you pray believe that you have already received!


So many of us also decide that we will just put this off till later. What a shame! Why would anybody want to put off their good until tomorrow? Why would you say when God tells you he’s going to give you something, “No God, let me stall just a little bit. Maybe next week?” Then, when next week comes, we delay again; it will again be far in the future when our good finally comes to us – if at all.


Your future is too good to put off. If you know, with certainty, that you’re with God, and you know your future is absolute good, you don’t want to put it off even for a minute. You want God to help you and the manifestations of that good to come into your life now.


Procrastination is fear-based not faith-based.

Have you met people who are really interested in the specific careers and ask for our prayers, but when asked what training they’ve had they admit they haven’t done anything yet – they have taken no steps toward training or knowledge in that field. God loves preparation, for preparation shows the walking forward in faith.


If you have faith in God, it’s not only in your mind – it’s also IN YOUR FEET. You have to walk toward an unknowable future. You have to be willing to empower your body to make the move. If you do so, do you know what you’re going to find? With every step you take. you’ll find that God is empowering you to take that step.


“With every hill you climb, you’re going to find that you have the energy, what you need, and what you need to know to go forward in the direction you’re being led to go by God. If you have the desire inside of you, know God has also prepared the pathway towards your good. But, we have free-will. We can say, “Oh, no God.” One of the best ways we say no is to say, “I could never get the training.” Stand up and go in the direction of the training and the training will meet you. God often answers prayers by equipping you to do the work you desire.”


Indecision is a decision to do nothing, the habit of passing the buck.


Former Pres. Truman said, “The buck stops here.” And this is so true; and with our lives, and with everyone’s life we have to live it for ourselves; no one else can live our life. We have to make the decision; we have to make the commitment to live and we can only live it successfully when we are seeking the help of God. We know that God can help us no matter what situation, no matter what we want to do or where we want to go. Remember that when seeking help from God, we know that He is there for us and can help. He will walk beside us, be part of all our adventures and ventures.


We must trust and have faith, refusing to live our lives on alibis. No more excuses – just prayer. We have to stand up and follow the lead of Jesus Christ. The way we follow Jesus Christ is to have absolute faith in God, even when our eyes and ears and nose say, “No way.” We have to have more faith in the invisible than we do the visible. When we do, we constantly prove God to ourselves, because we have the proof in our lives.


One thing we want to do is to bring our awareness in the Glory and Majesty of God. Can you step out of faith where there doesn’t seem to be anything under your feet and realize and accept that God is your help and the help in every need? Nothing is permanent except God! He is the solid foundation, the strength and courage to lead. We must be sure we never stand still in our spiritual life; always make a constant movement forward toward the good of God.


And speaking of alibis – we create alibis for why we don’t get something completed. Now, we all have problems now and then, but we can’t use these as excuses for not moving forward. That’s like saying to God that our problems are bigger than He is, and we don’t think He can work through these problems. Do we actually think we can handle problems better than He can? Let’s try another angle. Instead positively state a prayer affirmation for yourself, “God, I have some mountains ahead of me, but with Your help we can climb these mountains. Not only will we climb these mountains, we’ll also get to our destination, and we’re going to enjoy the journey because we’re not eating the soup with the fork anymore.”


Even when you’re going through a tremendous problem, you do not have to struggle alone. Sometimes you’ll be required to give a little extra push or a little more energy, but if you go with God, God will empower you and take away the struggle. Matthew 11:30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”


Many of us love to watch and study birds. Most birds that actually migrate never return to the same nest. The reason is that they want to create a new, fresh beginning. And birds that do not migrate and may return from their hunting ventures to their original nest spend weeks rearranging, cleaning, creating a whole new atmosphere. Many of us love the Eagles. We watch nests from all over the world (nests that have cameras attached to the branches). Let’s keep in prayer that the nest of our consciousness will be different than the nest that is there today. It’s always been moving ahead with God in the lead. A good, whole life is a life of movement – upward.


So in summary, let’s be sure that we are not exhibiting a weakness of indifference – that our journey in this life is never just for the destination – that the prize is the journey. Let’s also be sure that we don’t blame others for any failures we may have; and know that to every failure there is a step forward to success.


We also want to keep our desire for success strong, refusing to give up regardless of how many failures we may have had. If you have failed before in anything, join the club. We all have failed and are proud of it.


We are just like Thomas Edison. You now know what not to do. Now go and do what you should do. Sometimes it’s just a minor course correction, and you can get from here to where to want to go.


You’re going to be on an exhilarating journey, not hampered by the weight of the luggage of the past with a dream of God and of God’s possibilities in your mind.


Be willing and eager to push on undaunted toward your goal, toward your dream. Be organized. Know where you going and when you’re going. Create a blueprint of your journey, knowing that this journey can be successful with the help of God. Let God work through you, with you.


Let’s always not wish but through prayer know that with God as your partner your goals are answered. We must also always remember that we do have free will God doesn’t force anything on us. Being willing and open is the key to spiritual growth, in creating the new nest, and enjoying the learning experience, the walk.


One of the biggest weaknesses most of us display is evaluating the opinion of others more than trusting God and ourselves working with God. We must remember that with the presence of God others have little value. God’s voice never criticizes, only encourages in a loving way, and once we connect with God’s voice we can move forward toward success, remembering God inspires us to become bigger than we are right now. Never let criticism from outside of you, stop the spiritual forward movement that has begun inside of you.


Stop exhausting yourself; ask for God’s help and you will have it. Enjoy your successful journey.


God bless you – every step of the way.


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