“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20


Ahh, we hear so many voices saying to us, No! You can’t make it.” It says, “You’ve tried this before and you haven’t had any success.” But do we hear that quiet, small voice that says we can make it. That is the voice of God. We tend to focus and hear only those negative voices – those old negative one. Yet, that one voice is always there for us to hear.


Have you ever been in a position when all those voices sing in harmony – when those thoughts are God thoughts. That is when we can know that we are going to make it.


“Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome” E.A. Bucchianeri

“Unified thought is the key under God’s leadership. Not a constant war of thought inside of your mind.”


When what our positive thoughts – those Christ-like thoughts become accepted and one with us, we can do anything. Nothing can hold us back. When our mind is open to healing, forgiveness, love, it doesn’t matter what difficulties you are facing or what may lie ahead, there is always another day; and God let’s us know that HE is with us. That’s what makes God our best and deepest friend.


Think about this. Are all your thoughts within you positive thoughts? Can you go through your mind kind of like you’re walking through the streets of your town and are you holding hands with your best friend. Do you feel safe? Do you feel that you have control and the security of your mind thanks be to Jesus Christ. Are you harboring negative thoughts about yourself and others or were you thinking positive, Christ-like thoughts and blessings?


I want to tell you a story about a minister. “The minister had a service one Sunday morning in which she talked about the Holy Spirit descending. She really wanted to make an impact on the congregation, so she had someone climb up into the rafters. At a certain point, when she said, “And now, descendeth the Holy Spirit,” this person (who the congregation was not aware of) would release a dove. Well, the congregation was in a fevered pitch!


The minister was really “on” that day. She rose in her place, and as she stood there. She put up her arms and said, “And now, descendeth the Holy Spirit.” Nothing happened. She changed her position and said, “And now, descendeth the Holy Spirit.” Again, nothing happened. She changed her position, again, and said even louder, “And now, descendeth the Holy Spirit.”


Then she hears a voice. The voice whispers, “A cat just ate the Holy Spirit. Should I throw the cat down?”


The service was pretty well over at that point. The congregation was rolling in the aisles.


In churches we talk a lot about the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit in your life?


The Holy Spirit is the whole Spirit of God. Feel that right now – that you are filled with the Holy Spirit; and if you do not feel it, ask God to fill you totally with the Holy Spirit. Believe and be full of faith, and it will be so..


Now, praising will engulf you because the completeness of God is within you. Every thought, every cell in our body, your whole life has surrendered to God’s spiritual perfection. You could not feel any better; total positive belief of all the possibilities of God. You feel VERY good


1 Chronicles 5:20 (NIV) 20 They were helped in fighting them, and God delivered the Hagrites and all their allies into their hands, because they cried out to him during the battle. He answered their prayers, because THEY trusted in him.


Now, you are surrounded with total well-being and with the Holy Spirit. God is with you; you are with God and nothing can come between you. The positive attitude and positive energy helps you realize that you are complete thanks be to God. And at the same time, we know that religion is just a word but to us it holds all our positive and spiritual energy. It’s just not a building or a group of people. It doesn’t come to you in that one building with the steeple; it’s everywhere, going everywhere we go, as long as we hold on to that power of prayer and those positive thoughts of the Holy Spirit. Think of this and always hold on to this thought – When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, it is the most dynamic thing in the world.


Think about a piece of rope. Now a piece of rope is very strong. It’s almost impossible for us to break it. Yet this rope is not solid; this rope is made up of thousands of individual strands of string so to speak. Each individual strand can be broken very easily. But all of them woven together create a strong solid rope.


Our thoughts are something like the rope. And the power of God is a lot like this rope. He is unbreakable. His power in our lives is unbreakable when we allow the strands to hold together in our minds and not let the individual strands of negativity bind together. There are many individual strands in our minds that tell us how special we are. That would be a strand of perfection; it’s a strand that sees you as God sees you. These positive strands are part of our spiritual strength and bind together and allow, if we let it, no negative strands to overpower the spiritual “rope.”


In order to have the strongest rope possible that nothing, nothing in the world can break, every strand has to be individually strong in faith and bound together as a rope that can stand up to anything. It can cure your illness, create prosperity, goodness in our lives, and move mountains.


Let’s imagine ourselves as a molecule. Your friend in school may be the main molecule and your friends in another class can be another molecule. They are all molecules within our mind, in our thoughts. We can do many things at the same time. As you are reading this, many of them (those “molecules”) are thinking about many other things. Our mind is multi-thinking. It’s a little bit like multi-tasking, except it’s in the mind not in the physical. Now we all know and must admit that we do this.


And just as we have been multi-thinking, we do this when we pray, also. We can pray, “oh Lord please help me in my search for a job, please help Mary get well; please help us in our marriage.” And kind of like the Scripture says, “ where two or three are gathered together there I am in their midst” – whenever we get two or three thoughts or molecules together in our minds we create a powerful rope that cannot be broken. And that rope becomes our communication directly to God.


I want us to try an experiment. I want each one of us to say “God loves me,” 100 times in the morning and 100 times at night. Do this every morning and every evening for one week. It will build positive thoughts within our minds. I am doing this myself, having seen it as a devotion and now sharing it with you. I actually say about ten of them, sometimes, five, and then repeat a scripture before I continue.

Now what’s going to happen when you do this is amazing. So begin with that one thought in your mind and other thoughts will pop up the until this one thought focuses as you keep repeating. At the end of saying it 100 times, you will feel loved, worthy, needed, accepted, and blessed; you feel like you can conquer the world. You will feel so good – and what a joy this is.


I want to tell you what I have in my hand. It’s a rose and is perfect. Every petal is perfect; the stem and the leaves are perfect. It’s beautiful. But guess what; it has no smell; it’ll look like this tomorrow and next week and 100 years from now because it’s not real; it’s plastic. I can go into the backyard and pick a rose or just show you some roses; some of them are pretty, some of them are limping, some are colorful, some are kind of plain. They’re all different colors, different shapes, and when you go down to smell them and touch the stem you might just get cut because they have lots of thorns; but they are real, they’re real. Yes, these roses are real.


Do you know anybody who has a life like this – a life and looks good to everybody but inside they really are not alive – something is missing. Real life has its ups and its downs but we know we’re connected to God. And we know that we have a perfect future in front of us. That we may cut ourselves on a thorn once in a while; we may not always look colorful and beautiful; and we may have some thorns within us but inside we know that we are alive. Being connected with God, we know that He is our help in every need. We may get surprises, good and bad; we may bump into things, we may have accidents, some bumps in the road; but we are alive; we are living, and we are not alone. Our life, our spiritual life within us, is sweet and has the fragrance of a rose. We have a soul. We have a true life and it is no longer artificial plastic or silk; it is real and connected to God.


Now this perfection of God that’s unified with us allows us to get up and stand tall when we fall. If some disaster occurs, we can always get up again because we have the faith of God; we have God’s help. We have God and are not alone. We know that as long as we have God and the Holy Spirit we can lift ourselves up again. With God we are that powerful and regardless of what happens, we can make it.


And that my friends is what being a Christian is all about; that’s what church and prayer is all about. That’s what this “church,” or “Bethel” is all about. That’s what Christianity is all about.


Gandhi said this: “The ends are all wrapped up in the means.” Think about that. “The ends are all wrapped up in the means.” How have you lived today? Tonight, as you’re getting into your pajamas and looking at the bed, you may be tired but do you have a smile on your face? Have you been alive? Have you lived? That’s what it’s about . . . and it feels good and fulfilling.


Let me tell you the story of Lorna. ”She was a successful teacher, a principal, a high-ranking member of the school administration of the Sacramento school district. She stood up during a church service and said to everyone (with a tear trickling down her cheek): “I have been laid off. I can’t understand it. Here I am, in this church working with my faith, and I’ve been laid off.”


The minister looked her right in the eye and said, “This is the best thing that’s ever happened to you! With God, good is going to come out of that.”


[What??? How could that be?] “Put yourself in Lorna’s situation. If someone said that to you, could you believe? Could the thought climate of your mind be so strong, and your faith in life, in you, and in God be so strong that you could believe it could turn out right? So, Let me tell you about Lorna. She decided that night to accept the challenge and not go into a personal depression, and to look at life in a brand-new way. She used her imagination and devised a counseling career for herself. She thinks she devised it, but really, God gave her the idea through her. She was wide open to that idea. She would assist school districts which were in the midst of the same cutbacks, helping them to do more with less.


By midyear, Lorna was booked solid with a schedule she had always dreamed about. She was making more money than she had ever made in her lifetime. By the year’s end, she was hired as the Executive Director of the largest educational consulting firm in the state of California, with a staff of nine and a field staff of fifteen, all dedicated to the idea of revising the entire educational system.


In speaking to Lorna, she said that prior to the church, her concern was focused only on protecting her own job and her retirement, which was years and years away. She said she had no idea how high she could fly.


One of the things we do in changing our thought climate is a scary thing within our human mind. We walk up to God and say, “I surrender.”


We may think we have got it all; we may think we are doing fine; we have a certain idea in our human mind mapped out for us as to where we should go.


But I tell you (and this is true for you and for me), you have no idea of how high you can fly until you surrender to God and let God give you the wings and the means to fly.


Lorna commented that, for years, she had practiced “safe Christianity.” That is, she said her prayers in a very bland way; she meditated; she took classes; she attended Sunday services; she volunteered; but they were always safe. It was like, “God, I want to get involved, but don’t change me. Just keep everything the way it is. I’m happy with my life and I surely don’t want anything to change. I don’t want to become bigger than I am because this is safe.” I’m in this boat in the harbor and I’m happy. Don’t send me out into the open seas.” She said she had never surrendered her personal will to God.”


Lorna learned how to spread her wings and found that she could fly with the eagles.


When you say a prayer within yourself, and you have two or three gathered, you are in agreement. You have united belief inside. Among all the other strands in the rope, you have Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That – those three strands in and of themselves – create a rope, a braid, that can not be broken.


You believe. You are going to draw God’s good to you. It’s like a miracle.


Please join me in prayer.


“The power of my mind is a power that I am going to increase, this moment.
I am asking God to help me turn up the rheostat of my belief.
God, I surrender to You and to Your will.
I surrender to the highest good happening in my life, a higher good than I can even conceive.
I have all thoughts inside of me to create a whole new thought climate.
I broadcast it out into my life and to everyone in my life.
I ask that I am filled with God’s love and that I broadcast that to all.
I believe in the power of You, dear God, working in and through me.
I believe, right now, that I am being filled with the whole Spirit of God.
I believe that there is a new completeness of God inside of me.
I believe that all things are possible with God.
God loves me; And I say thank You.


In Jesus Christ’s name . . . Amen.



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