The Joy of Wonder


The Wonder of the LORD



Our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy.” Psalms 126:2


I want to share something with you from Psalms. This writer is talking about the wonder of God.   You can tell that he is fully alive in God. Here is what he says.


Psalms 77:11-14. “I will call to mind the deeds of the Lord.”


When we focus on the “deeds” of God, we do not (I hope) look at “Judgment” and that as being a frightful and horrible fate. Absolutely not, that is far from the truth. The truth is that the deeds of God, what God has done for you, is that which has been so magnificent in the past and is going to get even better in the future. What a concept.

“Yea, I will remember Thy wonders of old. I will meditate on all the work and muse on Thy mighty deeds.”

What does it mean to muse on mighty deeds? Does it mean to take a look at God in solemn worship with fear and a frown on our faces? No. It means to have a smile on our faces, in our hearts and in our minds. That’s the way we should worship God. We should come before God smiling – with laughing, and singing, and dancing because God is so good. God is so much better every moment if we allow Him to come in and come through us with pure joy. Grab this concept and live it. God can only do for us what God can do through us.


Thy way, Oh God is holy. What God is great like our God? Thou art the God who workest wonders.”


Well, you might look at that one line and wonder just what is meant by , “What God is great like our God?” Our belief is in ONE God. But now wait; we have often many gods in our lives, many things that we put before God. All of us do, maybe not all the time but often things are put in our lives that take priority. Look at these examples and realize that what is being said is so true. We have relationships, problems in our family, towns, country, world, jobs, careers, time commitments that we make god in the moment and we forget about the real God. We are only human – all of us.


Yet, we must focus on and remember the one true God all the time.


What does it mean to be holy? God is holy. That means to be whole. Unless God is whole inside of you, you are missing out on a lot of the holiness of God.


If the wonder of God is full in you, you will know what the wonder of God is.


Activities in church are often full of play. That’s a sign of a healthy faith-filled organization. Healthy organization, healthy friendships, healthy relationships always work and play. You have to have hard work, but you have to have play also. Play, humor, laughter is a sign of health.


That’s the way to live life: to go in joy, even if it’s just for a moment, to realize the wonder.


Look for a moment what Jesus said that has great power for us today. He said, “Look, unless you see signs and wonders, you will not believe.” Unless you see signs and wonders outside of yourself, you will not believe. But signs and wonders are not separate from you. A godly vision has a perception that sees signs and wonders everywhere.


I love this poem. Focus on the truth within this poetry. It’s called Trusting As I Go by James Dillet Freeman


Man fences in his mind
Not to shut-in but out—
He likes his world defined,
And feels at ease about
The things that have a rim
That was designed by him.


The world is too immense
To take the measure of
And put inside the fence,
Unless the fence be love—
And so I find I must
Accept most things on trust.


But trusting as I go
That things are mainly good
Somehow, I’m sure I grow
More than I think I would
If I could always see
Where boundaries had to be.”


We all have a vision that proceeds from the perception of our own mind. When we expand our human ability to believe in the unseen, one of the effects is a new spiritual vision that sees beyond the appearances.


Here is another one of my favorite stories.


There was a man who was with his minister at a study group. The man was very eager to learn. He said, “Reverend, tell me everything you can. I have all night long. Tell me everything about God. I’m ready.”


On the coffee table, there was a glass filled with liquid. The minister looked the man in the eye and said, “Do you see this? This is your mind.” Then he took a pitcher and started to pour into the glass.


The man said, “Reverend, there is water going all over the coffee table.”


The minister said, “That’s right because unless you empty yourself first, you cannot be full.” If you want more wonder in your life, you have to empty out all preconceived opinions and all preconceived concepts.


Decide to empty yourself of former concepts of how that good will come. “When you empty yourself of all preconceived conditions, you’ll find that God rushes in with solutions to your life that you have never dreamed of, better solutions than you have ever conceived. Everything will become new.”


Have the same Mind in you that was in Christ Jesus.


Then the joy will be inside you. The feature and symbol of Christ is perfect and a godly perception and love, of your personal life, and that of others; it is how you perceive everything in this moment that you’re living in. Focus on this moment. You might be living in this moment and thinking of what’s wrong. You might have this little voice going off in your head about all the little things that are not right in your life. Now Instead of that debilitating idea, live in this moment and turn up the rheostat of your intensity of happiness and realize how special God is.


“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin


Remember, you do not have any Jell-O mold in your mind. This moment is new. You have a clean slate. The problems that you have are nothing to God. One of the reasons you have these problems is so you can see past them, and realize that your answer is already here.


One of the ways that we can test ourselves to see if we’re in total positive consciousness is if we’re critical and judgmental every moment. Unfortunately, we all fall into that at times. But when we’re in it for extended periods, that the Jell-O mold has become like concrete in our minds. We need to break that up.


There was a man in a ministry. He came to the minister one time and said, “You know, I haven’t heard anything new in a church service in fourteen years. I just come to the service for maintenance.”


But something happened to him. He had a heart attack and had to have a major heart bypass operation. During that time there was a change in him. Yes, he prayed in a new way; he had a deep spiritual experience and he was healed.


He is healthy now. But the biggest healing did not happen in his physical heart. The biggest healing that happened was that he gave thanks for every day that he was alive and began to see the wonder in the moment, to live in the now.


Let’s all have this awareness of God happening – to each of us. Throw on the switch. We can turn on the light right now. The light will shine inside of you and inside of your life radiating in pure confidence of joy.


It has been said that God is too big for any one religion. But God is not too big for any one individual to have a new experience with God every day. Life is full of miracles. Life itself is miraculous. Every day is a day to expect miracles and the destiny of unexpected positive surprises through spiritual experience.


This will allow you to live in wonder every day and allow you to break the mold of the way you’ve been thinking and allow you to realize that the signs and wonders are all inside of you.


First, empty yourself. It is emptying yourself of every thought. If you don’t like your job or whatever circumstances you want to change, just empty yourself of all the preconceived opinions and ideas you have of that situation/circumstance.


Then allow Christ to fill you with your awareness and love to find new discovered joys.


Second, be selective in how you fill yourself. You have a choice. You have free-will. You can fill yourself up again another day with human thought and human worry and human fears, or you can consent to the activity of God infilling you every day (with wonder and joy)


Third, play. Work hard, but play hard also. Enjoy your religion. Enjoy the moment. This causes a great movement in you and a movement in your mind. It breaks up those old molds. It has a very healthful effect on the inside of your mind. Your body Temple is the true cathedral, where you worship God. When people see your face do they see a smile or frown. Your face is a religious symbol of your faith.


Fourth, turn up the rheostat of the wonder and magnificence of God. If you are immersed in a problem right now, turn up the God rheostat. Focus on the good, and marvel at your life. This will free up in your mind, so that you can receive wonders from God.


Let us pray.

This moment, dear God, I consent to Your activity. I empty myself of any preconceived opinions.
I ask for thought to flow into every crevice of my mind. I ask you to light a light in the darkness of the thought about any problematic and worrisome situation and to cause new light to spread throughout my being and my life.


I ask You to fill me with Your ideas without any preconceived opinions of how that filling should come. I hold an open mind like never before that Your wonder and Your majesty can fill me. I ask you to bring new play and enjoyment into my life, because life is not meant to be a struggle but a constant series of enjoyment and ever-expanding happiness. I ask for ever-increasing God filled joy.


I ask for movement in every area of my life, positive, God-centered movement. I ask that the wonder of all these happenings can be brought out in my human awareness, that I can open my eyes and see with a perception that is from the Christ.


I dedicate myself today, body, mind and soul to opening up to God’s wonder of this moment, opening up to You and living in that wonder and joy.


In Jesus Christ’s name… Amen



One thought on “The Joy of Wonder

  1. What a beautiful message, Peggy! I am going to try to empty my mind today and to allow God to fill me with the Joy of Wonder!

    Thank you, Lord!


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