A Tribute to Fathers Everywhere


Malachi 4:6 – He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers


Today is Father’s Day and I say Thank You to my Heavenly Father who is the Ruler of my life and who sent His only son to die for us and shed His blood for all our sins that we may live eternally with Him.


And for our earthly Fathers, we take the day to honor and to keep in mind the tremendous gift that fathers have given to this world.


Proverbs 3:11-12 My son, do not despise the LORD’s discipline and do not resent his rebuke, because the LORD disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in. (NIV)


Bernie Siegel said, “If you are worried about the future of the world, create children that love.” If we are able to create children that love, our future is assured. Everything will be all right.


“Many years ago, to about 1918. There were two boys in England. The one boy that I am going to tell the story about was a farmer boy and he was plowing his field. He had a horse in front of the plow and he was busy plowing and tilling the soil.


There was another boy, close by, who was in the river swimming, having fun and making noise. But then, he started to make a little too much noise. He started to scream. He called out, “Save me! Save me! I’m drowning!” And the poor farmer boy stopped his horse, left his plow, and jumped in the river to save the little boy from drowning. He pulled out the little boy and revived him on shore. He saved the little boy’s life.


Life continued on for a year. The farmer boy was out doing farm chores on the same piece of land. He was in back of his plow and a man, a father, came to see the poor farmer boy. He tapped him on the back and said, “Son, was it you that saved my son’s life in the river a year ago?”


The farmer boy said, “Yes, but anybody could have done it. I was just here and I jumped in and I pulled him to shore.”


The man said, “Son, if you had all the money in the world to do anything you wanted to do, what would you do with your life?”


The farmer boy got a smile on his face and said, “Aw, it will never happen because we are very poor. But if I could, if I had a way, I would become a doctor. But more than a doctor, I would research medicine to help people. I see so many of the poor people of our village die. They need cures.”


The father of the boy that had almost drowned looked down on the farmer boy and said, “Now you have the money because I am going to put you through school. If you want to become a doctor, you will become a doctor.”


Many, many years later, something big was going to happen. The date was February 11, 1945. The Big Three were coming together – Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. They were coming together at Yalta. They were coming together to heal the world – one of the greatest meetings of all time throughout all history.


But there was a problem because Churchill had gotten deathly ill, and they didn’t believe that Churchill could come to the meeting. But he was shipped some medicine. The medicine was called penicillin. They injected it into Churchill, and within a day, Churchill was revived. They said that his life was saved. And friends, that was the second time that Alexander Fleming saved the life of Winston Churchill.”


This is a great story and a true one. And what about this “father?”


What an amazing man he was to be that grateful and to have loved his son so much. What about our fathers? Had you gone through many years thinking ill of your dad or thinking he did not love you? I know I did. It wasn’t til I was about thirty years old that I realized how much my father had done for all of us in the family and how much he did love me and was proud of me. I wonder often if he can see me and if so what he thinks of me.


But, I know that he did his best. Perhaps, you were one of those lucky persons whose father always did the right thing at the right time and did it over and over again, and that is what made you who you are today.


Also, think about your grandfather and the stories he may have told about your dad, and your ancestors. Think of all the men who helped create this country for what it is today. I never met my one grandfather; he was killed before I was born, before my dad was born. My other grandfather was my hero. I truly loved him with all my heart.


When we talk about “real men,” we think of the John Waynes and the Clint Eastwoods. Those were and are the men we considered really macho. They were all action with few words. We wonder if that is what men think women really want in our life.


The real men today are those who are not afraid to be real and honest and loving. Men who aren’t afraid to cry at the birth of their baby or the death of a parent.


Real men don’t have to be told “man up.” No, they already know how to be real and are.


Psalm 103:13 As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;


A clergy friend of mine said, “Men who can know and say – “It is okay, men, to cry. It is okay for us men to be big enough and strong enough to show our feelings. It is okay us to get on your knees and pray to God and know that God is going to come through for us. It is okay to know that we are not alone; that we have a greater help from God.” “


Now that is the real man, the real fathers, of today.


There is a famous scientist that said, “As far as we can go into outer space, what we can see with the Hubbell Telescope, we are just getting the tip of the iceberg on how far we can go into outer space. We can go equally as far into inner space.”


As men focus on the outer space they now see the meeting point of these two realities; the center of the universe. You are the center of the universe, right where you are. God has created man to be man and woman to be woman. A real man says, “Thank You, Lord, for creating me to be wise and humble, and real.”


Men are learning (as are women ) to be who they truly are, not who people expect them to be. They are becoming real. Knowing that makes us powerful for we know we are the children of God. We are the parents, the Fathers of the next generations, and it is up to the Fathers and the Mothers to teach and lead the young into the next generation of leadership – of real men and women.
And this then becomes the reality and the adventure. And what an adventure for all the men and all the fathers. They are on the greatest adventure in the world.


Men,” God put into a shell of skin some 263 bones; God wrapped them in 600 muscles; God perfected a little heart only six inches in length and four inches in diameter than would beat 70 times a minute, 4200 times an hour, 100,800 times a day, 36,792,000 times a year, and 2,575,440,000 times in an average lifetime.


So successful was this little heart in man that every time it would beat, it would pump blood at the rate of two and a half ounces per beat, 175 ounces per minute, 656 pounds per hour, and seven and three-fourths tons in one day. The feet that are attached to this marvelous masculine body will walk an average of 65,000 miles in a lifetime. For someone who is a jogger or a walker, it would be much greater.”


Men are walking miracles who can go the extra mile – spiritually. Men can feel the love of their children. They can feel the love of others. It is okay to show affection and to tell someone how special they are. It is okay for men to hug other men. It is right and good that a father and son tell each other that they are loved.


Ephesians 6:4 Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. (NIV)


“A teenager from Denver, Colorado, wrote this about her dad.


Without a Dad, where would we be?
Would our red kites still be in the tree?
Without a Dad, the roof might leak,
The gate might get rusty, and the lawnmower squeak.


Who would fix the car in a bad snowstorm, While we sit in a gas station where it’s warm?
Who would beat the Nintendo at chess every night?
And who would pick out the best camping site?
Who would work eight hours a day
And then stand in line to get his pay?


For love and kindness, none beat our Dad who stands by us through happy and sad.
If your Dad is far away or close to you, there’s one thing you can do.
On this special day –  Show him love in your own special way.”


This story is about a man the by the name of William Jackson Smart. He was the man that the whole Father’s Day celebration is for.


“He was a Civil War veteran who made great sacrifices to raise one daughter and five sons alone, because his wife had died during the birth of their daughter. There he was alone after the Civil War. He had to give of himself, totally, and become completely devoted to being both mother and father to his children.


The one daughter, Mrs. Senora Smart Dodd, decided that they should have an observance for fathers.


Everyone accepted, fairly quickly, the Mother’s Day resolution – that we should have a day that honors mothers.


But Father’s Day was not as quick because of an all male Congress. In 1914, when it came up before Congress, they did not want to vote for Father’s Day because they thought it would be a self-congratulatory pat on the back.


Woodrow Wilson and William Jennings Bryan talked about it a lot, and they thought it should become a national day. But do you know how long it took to have a national Father’s Day in this country?


This is going to surprise many people here. It took 62 years!


It wasn’t until 1972 – when Richard Nixon signed it into law.


Until that time, there was no national Father’s Day.


Funny that it took that long for the government to follow through on that. I guess I’m not surprised. Rarely does the government rush on things like this and also, men by their nature often feel uncomfortable patting themselves on the back. Well, most men.


But, I also know, that one of the primary needs of every man (every human spirit), whether he wants to admit it, or not, desires in his heart to feel wanted, loved, and needed.


If your father is still alive, I urge you, today, to get in contact with him. Even if you have had some hard times with your father, get in contact with him. Go the extra mile. Tell him that you respect him. Honor your father and your mother.


If your father has passed on, know that there is no time or space in prayer. Prayer is the language of Spirit. Connect with your own father, again by blessing him in prayer.


You can say: “I realize the older I get the smarter you were. I realize now as I go through some of the challenges in my own life, what you went through. I know you did your best.”


It will not be a waste of time.


You can never give enough love. This is the moment, right now, to give that love.


Let us pray.


Dear God, through the language of our heart, either on earth or there with You in heaven, through prayer, I contact my father: to my earthly father, I send you my love in prayer. I send you my understanding in prayer. I send you my knowledge that you are safe and secure in the One God and that your life continues and it is enfolding and continuing its adventure.


I give you my peace in prayer. I give you the full maturity of my love in this moment of time. And I thank you for the privilege to participate in the relationship with you. And I say this to every father figure in my life in this prayer: I thank you for the privilege of participating in the relationship.


In Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen.


Thank you, Daddy.  I miss you!




God’s blessing on all of you this wonderful day!


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