Be Prepared ~ Always

“…if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” Matthew 15:14


(Both blind people are inside of us, if we do not seek the clear guidance of God to give us the sight, the vision, and show us the way, life will be very hard indeed.)


“Many people live life like a man trying to use a fork to eat a bowl of soup. Think about it. Have you known people who have really, really struggled in living life? Other people have challenges, but they just seem to glide through their adversities. Perhaps it is because they have the right spiritual utensil to use.


You can eat a bowl of soup with a fork, but it exhausts you. You get a little bit each time. You bring it up and you can take the ONLY little bit of life at a time, much of it falling out. Eventually you will get to the bottom if you don’t get too exhausted first.”


We all have weaknesses inside of us–that we need to master.


You know I work in a prison as their Chaplain (retired), but the worst jail that a human being can ever be placed in is for someone to accept that they would never be able to change, that they would have to remain just exactly the way they are – the rest of their lives.


To live in “Samesville” would be the worst fate that could ever happen to a human being. It is an oppressed society that will never know freedom. A life time sentence. But it is self – inflicted. We are our own judge.


We look at the past with our rose-colored glasses and we say, “Oh boy, wasn’t life marvelous back then?” A lot of the past was good, but thank God we have a future and with help from God, we can achieve great things.


So let’s look at several ideas and ways we can avoid the Samesville trap and learn to move forward


God has great things in store for you but you must cooperate with God and be packed and ready to go.


1. The first thing to be mastered is a failure to recognize and clearly define what we want.


Most people living in the world today have no idea what they want. They have a vague idea of what they don’t want, but they don’t know what they do want. So, the best way to break through that barrier is through prayer. And always remember ~


“Prayer is permanent, a living breathing spiritual thing that has been so decreed, and will bring to itself this or something better.”


1 Corinthians 15:58a (NIV) – Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you.


You have to convince yourself; you don’t have to convince God over and over again. Decide what you desire in your life, and believe, once ordered, it is on its way.


As Jesus said when you pray believe that you have already received!


2. Procrastination.


What a shame! Why should I put off my good until tomorrow? Why, if I have God saying, “I want to give you this,” do I say, “No God, let me stall just a little bit. Maybe next week?” Then, when next week comes, we delay again; it will again be far in the future when our good finally comes to us – if at all.


Your future is too good to put off. IF you know, with certainty, that you’re with God, and you know your future is absolute good, you don’t want to put it off even for a minute. You want God to help you and the manifestations of that good to come into your life now.


Procrastination is fear-based instead of faith-based.


John 9:4 (KJV) – I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.


3. Lack of interest in acquiring specialized learning.


“Some people might say, “I want to learn food management. I want to run the biggest restaurant in the world. Will you pray with me?”


The minister would say to them, “What steps have you taken toward learning how to do this?”


Often their reply will be, “Well, I haven’t taken any steps.”


God loves preparation, for preparation shows the walking forward in faith.”


If you have faith in God, it’s not only in your mind – it’s also IN YOUR FEET. You have to walk toward an unknowable future. You have to be willing to empower your body to make the move.


If you do so, do you know what you’re going to find? With every step you take. you’ll find that God is empowering you to take that step.


Proverbs 1:7 -The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.   and
Proverbs 2:10-11 for wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul; discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard you….


With every hill you climb, you’re going to find that you have the energy, what you need, and what you need to know to go forward in the direction you’re being led to go by God.


If you have the desire inside of you, know God has also prepared the pathway towards your good. But, we have free-will. We can say, “Oh, no God.” One of the best ways we say no is to say, “I could never get the training.” Stand up and go in the direction of the training and the training will meet you. God often answers prayers by equipping you to do the work you desire.


4. Indecision – Indecision is a decision to do nothing, the habit of passing the buck.


1 Kings 18:21 And Elijah came to all the people, and said, How long halt you between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.


“This was the greatness of President Truman. He said, “The buck stops here.” Truly, the buck does stop with us in our lives. No one can live our lives for us. We have to decide. If we’re going to live a life, we have to make the commitment to live it.”


If you want to become a master in something, you are not going to do it alone. God’s going to do it with you. And if it’s meant to be, God’s going to open every door. But we have to step in the right direction for that to happen.


We cannot live our lives on alibis any more. We cannot make excuses any more. We cannot rely and lean on the excuses for our reason of indecision and non-movement.


We have to stand up and follow the lead of Jesus Christ. The way we follow Jesus Christ is to have an absolute faith in God, even when our eyes and ears and nose say, “No way.” We have to have more faith in the invisible than we do the visible. When we do, we constantly prove God to ourselves, because we have the proof in our lives.


This is a remembering society. This is why we’re here. We’re here to remember and bring to our awareness again the glory and majesty of God and to bring it to others even as they watch us live our lives. I believe in proving God, and so do you. I believe in stepping out on faith where there doesn’t seem to be anything under our feet and proving God, and knowing that God is a real help in every one of our challenges.


Nothing is permanent except God!


There is no such thing as standing still in your spiritual life; there should be constant movement towards more of God’s good.


5. Staying Steadfast – No matter what.


Birds that migrate never return to the same nest (although perhaps the same area). There’s a reason. And tomorrow I pray that the nest of my consciousness will be different than the nest of today. I pray that we’re always moving ahead inside of our lives. Life is movement.


There have been many times when we have wanted to stay where we were. Sometimes it is a good place, but sometimes it is not. Being in a job that we can’t stand, a situation that is hurting us, or in an area that no longer works for our well-being weakens us soul and body would indicate a reason for change – for moving forward toward change. Often we stay, even if it means that we will stop our potential good and spiritual growth.


Staying put and not moving is often mental. An example is forming an opinion and never, never, deviating from it, even when facing the facts. Change is most important in the mind.


Eventually we will grow because the cosmic two-by-four of life will come and hit us on the head.


We do not have to choose pain with our growth. We do not have to continually choose the school of hard knocks. We choose to grow by saying; “‘I will go ahead. I will move on in my life. I am not afraid because God is with me. I will not stay in the same area over and over again.”


6. Indifference.


This is one of the worst weaknesses inside of some of us. When you get to the end of your journey in this life, you will look back and realize that the prize is not the destination; it’s the journey.


The best part was when you had the courage to go ahead, when you had the courage to climb over mountains, when you climbed over the top of the mountain and came down the other side. You felt God working through every fiber of your being; you felt alive. The reason you felt so alive is because you were living. You are a ship that is meant to be on the seas of life, not in the harbor.


The opposite of love is not hate; it’s indifference. The opposite of life is not death; it’s indifference. For example, whatever happens we say, “Oh, whatever. If I have pain, if my career is not going right, if my body is not healing … whatever.” Why should we try? We’ve tried before and we’ve hit our heads against the wall. That hurt. We’re smart enough not to do that again. But that is not smart.  We must move forward and let the “knocks on our head” be a learning experience,


We have to be active, and engaged in life. We have to be living. If we’re not living, we just existing and hanging around. Moving ahead in our lives, constantly seeking and learning—IT IS EASY when we know that God is there.


7. The habit of blaming others for one’s mistakes.


“The other day when a woman went to the movie with a friend, she said, “He didn’t buy me popcorn and a drink. I would have enjoyed the movie if he had bought me popcorn. But instead, I sat there eating my one Tic-Tac and I was fine.” No, she has to take personal responsibility. If she wants popcorn, she has to get up and get it.


Ministers often talk to people who are absolutely furious for not getting something they didn’t ask for, continually blaming others and living life as a victim.


Whatever we want in life, it’s the same way. We cannot live in another person’s shadow. Every person is an individual. You have to take life by the reins and enjoy it. Bask in the life God created for you.


8. Lack of Desire.


As we get older, as we have gone through a series of failures, some become a little numb and we say, “Well, I don’t want to try anymore.” We have to keep trying. What is it you want to accomplish? Many people do not succeed because they have not failed enough. Every major inventor will tell you that secret. Every person here has a secret longing of his or her heart.


Yes, you’ve failed before, join the club; we’ve all failed. But you are just like Thomas Edison. You now know what not to do. Now go and do what you should do. Sometimes it’s just a minor course correction, and you can get from here to where to want to go.


You can be on an exhilarating journey, not hampered by the weight of the baggage of the past with a dream of God and of God’s possibilities in your mind.


9. The willingness (even eagerness) to quit at the first sign of defeat.


A few people are often glad to raise up the white flag and say, “I knew I couldn’t do this. Life has proven it to me.”


Those that try a little longer or in a different way, they are those who can be a big success in the arena of their goals. It’s true for you, because it’s true that God is with and coming through you.


10. A lack of organized plans placed in writing.


Put in writing what you wish to do in your life. It will be a blueprint of who you are and where you want to be in the future with God’s daily help.


Some people actually make a tape recording talking to themselves in an affirmative prayer way, a match in praying with yourself and God and listening to that often every week of the year. Talk to yourself, out loud, in a positive affirmative way, about what you and God wish to accomplish. You will be amazed at the power of this affirmative prayer as it takes hold of you and empowers the engine of your belief.


Make things comfortable for yourself; let yourself relax and enjoy the journey. Remember this journey is your life, and it is your responsibility to make the most of it. Let me repeat – It is your responsibility to make the most of your journey. You can only do this by traveling the path with God.


And if you are in the retirement stage of your life. All these ideas and recommendations still apply. We are still moving forward, still advancing, still on that journey.


Stop exhausting yourself; ask for God’s help and you will have it. You are on a beautiful journey. A journey with God.


In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. Psalm. 4:8


God bless you, and God bless your life!


Pray with me,


How good it feels to go to God in prayer. I ask you spiritually, quietly to turn to the presence of God. This is an all powerful prayer power contact with God, within you. I ask you to have a complete awareness of God. Bring the awareness of God into your mind.


Dear God, thank you for the opportunities of life abundantly provided for me on my present and future path. I ask for Your abiding presence to be with me. I ask that You guide me in the directions that I need to go, and show me the way to the highest accomplishment.


Lord, within my being, help me to radiate streams of life, love, joy, and enthusiasm that will reflect Your radiance – that which abounds in You.


Dear God, we praise You today and we appreciate You. You prepare a table before us, and, before we get there, everything we need is already prepared and waiting. There is ample provision for me and mine, and all my future is absolute good. We are so grateful that you have provided for us in every way.


With God, I rest,
With God I prepare.
There is a Divine great present and future in my life!


In Jesus Christ’s name we pray in the knowledge of the Good that only comes from God.



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