Facing Front

Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:22, 24


We should grasp our opportunity when it comes and go for it. We should
know that, as we go for the opportunity, we are not going alone; God is
going with us. God has great power. God has much more power than just working through your mind. God is working through everyone’s mind, even when we’re not aware of it.


You may have read this story before but it is worth hearing it again because of the power it shows and I understand it is a true story.


In New York, in the subway station, a young man had an epileptic seizure and fell onto the tracks of an approaching train. A man standing nearby witnessing what was happening jumped onto the tracks to pin the man down, between the two tracks, and protect him. This true hero didn’t have time to assess the situation, or even think about his own safety; he just followed his overwhelming urge to be of help to a fellow human. Both men miraculously were all right.


We need to realize that when we have the courage to stand up and take action and go the way we need to go, to follow that uncontrollable urge within us to do what we need to do to follow our dreams, that we’re not doing it alone. God IS with us!


There will be other people along the way to help us. There will be thoughts that come inside of us to help us. We need, from our adult minds, to find again that innocence of a child that knows we can accomplish what we wish to accomplish.


A long time ago, maybe before some of us were even born (ha ha) there was a movie called “Sister Act II” replayed on late-night TV to this day or night..


This movie takes place in a school. Teachers are some of the great unsung heroes in our society. The movie shows the power of one human and the effect they have on a group who had forgotten their dreams and had given up at an early age.


Second, it shows kids they can dream and they can accomplish. This is what we do here in this ministry and in our Bethel. We urge people–to follow their dreams. We urge people not to listen to any of the negative talk outside of them (or inside of them), and to go for their dreams believing they can be accomplished with God’s help.


God inspired spiritual maturity is:
– The ability to stick with a dream until it’s finished.
– The ability to do a job without being supervised.
– The ability to carry money without spending it.
–The ability to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.


Spiritual people dare to dream for themselves and others. We don’t have one dream in a lifetime-we have many and for many. A friend (a pastor) was talking with a member of his congregation recently, and he was talking about his different dreams and the different opportunities and careers he had taken. All involved the camaraderie of many, the prayers and actions of many was the point he was making. We are not in this boat alone. In addition to God, we are sharing the dreams and prayers of each other.


This is what life is. When we live our dreams and manifest them through prayer, trust in God, and in positive ways, it influences many others to do the same. Our Prayer Group is just that. We join together in love and praise to God as we pray for healing of those we love. Yet that is not all our congregation does. We watch over one another, spread the hope and courage, and encourage one another to follow their dreams. And right there in our little chapel, our Bethel, we also focus on the faith and trust that pours from our hearts.


Too many times in life we look only at the disappointments and failures
when we need to focus on the success.


All of us have had disappointments. All of us have had closures. Many of us have had tragic events, shocking events become realities in our lives. I know I have and just recently. The whole point of the matter is to get up again and with God’s ever present help, go after another dream, knowing that when one door closes, God opens others. God has many open doors in our future for us to go through.


Say yes to life through courage and faith. There is a new opportunity of God’s good ahead of you. The past is the past; it’s gone. Don’t sigh. Go forward and accept new, wonderful things.


Genesis 32:22. This is the story where Jacob wrestles with the angel.

The same night, he got up and took his two wives, his two maids, and his
eleven children, and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. He took them and sent
them across the stream, and likewise, everything that he had.
Jacob was left alone; and a man wrestled with him until daybreak. When the
man saw that he did not prevail against Jacob, he struck him on the hip
socket; and Jacob’s hip was put out of joint as he wrestled with him.


Then he said, “Let me go, for the day is breaking.”

But Jacob said, “I will not let you go, unless you bless me.”

So he said to him, “What is your name?”

And he said, “Jacob.”


Then the man said, “You shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for
you have striven with God and with humans, and have prevailed.”


Then Jacob asked him, “Please tell me your name.” But he said, “Why is it
that you ask my name?” And there he blessed him. So Jacob called the place
Peniel, saying, “For I have seen God, face to face, and yet my life is



Jacob was alone. Oh, how many times we have been alone – so alone. We feel almost like we are lost in a haze with no where to turn, no one to cry for help. Many times, we are Jacob, having wrestled with our own personal “man” until we are crushed. Where do we go; what do we do or say?” It is time then to look up, share with and let Him know where you are in your circumstance and guess what – you are NOT alone. You are never alone. Whenever we are facing a crisis in our lives, we know with God we can move forward in any direction. God leads us. Whenever we stand before the door of opportunity that we’re about to go through, we feel alone because no one can walk through that door but us.


But Jacob had the right idea. Jacob would not let the fear be just a fear,
or the past just be the past, or his limitations remain as limitations. He wrestled with it. He held on to it and said,


“Listen, I’m not going to let you go until you give me a blessing; until
you allow me to understand through my human eyes and my human mind, the blessing this has brought in my life. Help me to see the good so I can go on from here. Let me accept and use this to find the good.”


He kept asking the angel’s name but the angel said, “Why is it that you
ask my name?”


What he really wanted to know was what this angel really was, who he was But the angel would not answer. But he changed Jacobs name to Israel. This was the beginning of an entire nation. That was the name and the blessing, the path Jacob was to follow. Jacob (Israel) then named the place where he was to Peniel which means “to turn toward God in recognition.” It’s one of the most important things we can do. And the recognition is acknowledging God as all powerful, all knowing and will lead us into the future.


We cannot move ahead with great effectiveness, if we are locked into the past.


So, as you wrestle with that nature or angel within you, remember that although you wrestle alone, you really are never alone.


To truly believe in God, we have to realize that we are not locked to the limitations of yesterday. We have the ability and the power to go forward.


For example, you will become greater than you are now, in a short time. It has nothing to do with your past. It has everything to do with your future and your commitment, right now in courage and faith. God created you with forward movement in mind. There is a reason that we do not have a rearview mirror on our forehead.


Wednesday on Duck Dynasty, Si had two cameras on his body – one to look at his own face and the other to look at what was going on around him. He realized that nothing was accomplished (except laughter) by looking backward at himself. Life is looking and moving forward – that is the key.


It is God’s will that we accept Divine help and goodness AND help each other on our path.


As spiritual people, eventually we will have an inner goal leading our own thoughts to the glory of God – to bring forth God’s perfect pattern. We will eventually reach this supreme goal. A human’s destiny is to go from man’s glory.to God’s glory

As you reach the high spiritual heights, you will reach out to help others that are struggling. God is with you to help make it so.


One of the hardest things that can happen to a person is having to leave their job, for one reason, or another. Yet, we always see that if they hold on to the fact that there’s another glory that’s coming, it works out for absolute good.


A famous museum in the Midwest city has an interesting exhibit. On one
side of the exhibit, there is a rolling pin from the year 1850.


It looks like a rolling pin you would have in your kitchen. On the other side of the exhibit, there is a small piece of deformed wood. They say it is the same, exact rolling pin, but that one has been stored and unused, while the other remains in use and is well-preserved. The old saying is true, “use it or lose it.”


We have to use ourselves as we are intended to be spiritually used.


Sometimes the easy life that we all dream of could be the worst thing for
the development of our soul. We must be active, otherwise we atrophy.


A frog in a well might have a wonderful life in the well, but he can’t even dream of the ocean which is so vast. A butterfly with all the joys of being in the summer,cannot even talk about the winter ice. They can’t because they have boundaries.


The frog would not last in the ocean and the butterfly would not last in the winter ice.


But WE HAVE NOT yet reached our spiritual boundaries. We have not gotten caught in the current or frozen in the ice. We are children of God, allowing Him to work through us to make this world a better place.


We are meant, as human beings, to be used and reused, continually striving anew. We are always regenerated in our mind power, we believe in an ever-fresh God inside of us, giving us fresh motivation and power.


We are no longer the mask of who we think we have been, but we constantly go from glory to glory, teaming up in a partnership with God’s to make our world a better place. Life is stimulating with God’s companionship. The worst thing we can do as human beings is to live a mediocre existence accepting the fate of yesterday as the only promise of tomorrow.


Today at this very moment take that step forward. Do something that has been in your heart with God’s help. Dare to dream through you courage and faith. Then you and God together will stretch and open your mind to something big for that glory that sits in the heavenly realm.


Dare to live that dream; and you can do it. Walk through the door. God is there. JESUS is waiting to take your hand.


May God bless you!


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