God is at Hand





But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary.” Isaiah 40:31


Now here is something interesting – there is an ancient word that means the same thing as the quote from Isaiah above it is  – Abacatastasis. (Abba-ca-tas-tas-is) and means  “no matter what looks like disaster in your life, today, God will work it out to ultimate overwhelming good.”  I bet each of us has lived through a disastrous experience – defeats, losses, mistakes, horrors.  And somehow catastrophe turns into triumph.  We have all heard stories of   families who missed their plane and had so much anxiety  only to read in the news the next day that it crashed.  There are such stories all the time.  Lives were changed in an instant and saved – for a purpose, a spiritual one.


When you are in the realm of answered prayer, you know that God is at hand.   Isaiah 65:25 states: “Before they call, I will answer. For your faith works to form the perfect conditions desired, and praise is one of the powers of mind that you must not fail to use.”



How often have we been in prayer and looked UP, maybe we were walking as we were praying; and we just didn’t know which way to turn, what to do next, where our help was going to come from.  We thought we had tried everything.  We are at the end of the road and the only thing we can see is the sharp, jagged cliff that reaches up to the top of the mountain.  Have you ever been like that?


That IS the tremendous mountain in your life, and you do not know where to turn.


Psalms 121:1-2, the psalmist says, “I lift up my eyes to the hills. From whence does my help come?”  The psalmist says, “I lift up my eyes to the hills.”   Those hills are within us – our consciousness of awareness of God.  When we allow ourselves to let go of the cumbersome trials of the day and immerse ourselves in the strength and wisdom of God, we leave the low and reach for the high place… the place of heavenly love


When we realize our human state, we can see with crystal clear clarity our limitations, our fears, our anxieties, our personal weaknesses.  We see from our perception where things are going to go downhill; things are going to get worse.


But when we lift up our eyes to the hills within us, we realize that we are not alone. Something spiritual is working with us. That is the greatest realization when you are going through a challenge in your life. We pray for healing.   Matthew 8:13, “And to the Centurion, Jesus said, ‘Go.Be it done for you as you have believed.’ And the servant was healed at that very moment.”


Your bodies are renewed, prayer by prayer, thought by thought. At the center of every cell is the Christ idea of God’s perfection.


You are never alone.  God is with you, right now.  Even when you think you are alone, you are not. It is impossible. You cannot be alone. You can fake it. You can say, “I’m alone.” You can close your eyes to your spiritual identity as a child of God, and forget, but you are not alone – ever.


You can close your awareness, you can close off your knowing, but you are still not alone anytime, anyplace, anywhere, because God is there.


The psalmist continues: My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.”


You all know and you all accept that God is the Creator, but my friends, God is also the re-creator in your lives.  And God is wanting to re-create.  You are constantly a new re-creation. God does not abandon you. Your body temple, your mind, your thoughts are not stagnant at any time. Even when you think they are, God is moving within you, there is an activity in you that is of God.


This very minute as you sit here in this room, thousands, millions, billions of cells are replacing themselves inside of your body, even in any sick area of your body. They are replacing themselves, regenerating.  Thoughts inside of your mind are also changing. They are moving. The very reason you are here today reading this is because you want some positive spiritual thoughts and knowledge to remind you that God is your Help, your Everything.


After I wrote the first draft of this message, I had this life changing experience.  What an amazing situation – to be writing this and then this occurs.


Wednesday, after many tests, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  It was a shock and I stared at the wall in the doctor’s office – my mind went blank.  But all of a sudden I “I lifted up my eyes to the hills. “ and there was Jesus, smiling at me.  He was and is with me on this journey.  This is the first time I am publicly even mentioning this.  I am only saying this as a testimony to each of you, letting you know that as you lift your eyes to the “hill” you WILL find the Lord.  Keep your faith strong, trust, and fill yourself with love.


I know that the billions of cells are replacing themselves within me and with treatment and knowing  that I am not alone I can live a productive and joyful life.  And this is true of all of us, no matter what our physical state may be.  We all live with some challenges, and we will overcome them with Jesus by our side.


We together, wherever we worship, are part of a fellowship that is a remembrance society. We are here to remember our connection to Divinity, to remember who we are, and to decree it; and we focus on  that activity inside of us and know that we are not on an island surrounded by a sea of limitation.  We are always surrounded by the Divine.


Mary Kupferle, in her book, “Your Help Is At Hand,” says, “There is never a time when you are without help. God’s loving help is always at hand.  When you feel your distress is more than you can bear, lift up your eyes to His Presence and Power through knowing.”


And I know and pray you also know that your and my help is at hand. God is always at hand.


If God is at hand, no matter what challenges you face you are secure.  Do you believe; do you hold that truth? Are your answers at hand?  Yes!  We do not have to seek answers by reading book after book, going to teacher after teacher , listening to self help promoters.  No, there is that knowing that remembrance within us and we lift our eyes to the hill.   Yes we are holding that truth and trust – and that is what we call faith.


God is always at hand. Whenever you are in a place where you feel that something has happened to you so severely that it has torn you apart, some challenge has come into your life, remember that God is at hand then, too.  Whenever we begin to waiver, that is the time to reach out and let and let a worship service and spiritual fellowship bring you back to that realization – God is always at hand


Always keep this in the forefront of your mind –“ God is your creator and re-creator, the sustainer of healing life and peace, ever lifting and supporting you. There is nothing in life that you cannot do, that you cannot face, that you cannot surmount, that you cannot overcome or obtain, for God is your help in every need.”


God is at hand, now, in your life. You can let go this moment and you can give thanks, this moment, for God is the kingdom. You have faith as a grain of mustard seed, and remember that grain of mustard seed is growing into a full-blossoming plant inside of you, bringing to you what you have prayed for.


You live in the kingdom of God and you live in the realm of God inside of you. You live in the Power of God; God is the power inside of you. The power to do what? The power to overcome whatever it is you are facing in life, whatever it is you are praying for.



Today, right now put your faith and trust on the line.   This is the time in your life, once and for all; limitation is going to be cast out.   It is going to be healed and you are going to overcome this difficulty because you are not alone.


I have people come up to me and tell me: “I have this physical problem; can God heal me?”


I say, “God can heal you of anything if you have faith enough.” God can heal you. Do not limit God in your own body temple. God is the very Creator of your body temple.


Accept, this moment, that whatever challenge you have lived with for years is moving out. You do not have to live with it any longer. You do not have to have delays. God answers every prayer. There is no prayer that you can pray that is too big for God, because God is bigger than your problem.


There is no answer to perplexing.   God is at hand.


God is the Kingdom. God is the Power. God is the Glory. Christ in you, the hope of glory. The hope of glory, not only for you and your mind, but also the hope of glory for your business, the hope of glory for your relationships, the hope of glory for everything, right on down the line – the smallest and the largest in your life. It is Christ with you and within you – not far off in another kingdom. It is in that kingdom where you are, right now


What does it mean to keep your eye focused on a single space as you “look onto the hills“ – Your eye unmoving upon God ?  “What does it mean when Jesus Christ said, if your eye strays, pluck it out? Obviously, He is not teaching to pluck out your eye. Pluck out your perception of that which is wrong. It is not right. You are looking at your limitations. Make your eye single on God and you can overcome; you can move in the way of good that is coming at you, right now. You can do everything that needs to be done and you are aware of it when it comes.”


So many people have the answers to their prayers come and they are blind to them. They cannot see it. They come to a minister and the minister says, “Well, your answer is right here.” That is all we do in spiritual counseling. We echo back to you what you might be blind to at that moment.


But the answer is there. Of course it is there. Of course it is within you. Because God is at hand.  Proverbs 16:20 says, “He who gives heed to the Word will prosper. Happy is he who trusts in the Lord.”


So, today, I invite you to give your life, give all your circumstances to God’s care and God’s keeping.  Trust and know that God is doing all that is grand, all that needs to be done, moment by moment. Know that you are a child of God and go forward speaking this truth, living the close relationship you have with Him  Jesus taught this value of constant communication with God (“pray without ceasing”).  Mark 5:34, it states, “Your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed.”


Jesus talked with God, clearly, simply, directly; daily urging His followers to do the same. My friends, I invite you to close your eyes and to accept God’s Truth about you, right now.


Let us pray:


God, we know You are at hand and we know the Truth – Your Truth – and the everlasting help is right here at hand.


Lord, we ask that You work in whatever way needs can be done with Your wisdom and Your light,  Let Your power strengthen our body, our mind, our soul.


We ask you to help us with total faith and trust so that there is no mountain we can not overcome.  Help us in whatever need we may have.  You, Lord, are at hand.  Help us to let go and let You be our everything.   God is at hand and is the kingdom, the power, the glory forever.


In Jesus Christ’s name. . . Amen.


God bless you!






One thought on “God is at Hand

  1. Thank you Peggy, this message is wonderful and such a real blessing to me. Turn your eyes upon Jesus….. Looking up at the top of that mountain…. Thank you Jesus.

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