Slow Me Down, Lord

Matthew 6: 6 But when you pray, enter into your closet and when you have shut the door, pray to the Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward you openly.

I don’t know about you, but I have had one roller coaster week. In preparing for out of town company, a very important meeting, a five day vacation, dog care, etc. I have just about turned myself into a Tizzie; and I don’t even know what a Tizzie is. I picture a Tizzie as a woman with her face twisted into a horror frame, eyes unfocused, hair sticking straight out like it was electrocuted, blouse buttoned wrong and two shoes on that do not match. Help! I need to slow down and pray.
I am taking that five day vacation and will not return until Monday, August 12th. So in lieu of an actual message this week, I would like all of us to rest in the silence of prayer, commune with God, build a beautiful or an even more beautiful relationship with Him, and focus on the wonderful puzzle pieces that we call life. Our life IS a journey; let’s follow it in prayer.

Psalm 62: 7 – 8  In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.  Trust in Him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him:  God is a refuge for us.  Selah

Ephesians 6: 18 – Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spiorit, and watching there-unto with all persewvewrance and supplication for all saints.
So, what I want to do this week is focus on prayer (again). Now, we talk about prayer a lot here, but it is through prayer that we communicate with our Father. This is how we build that relationship we so need. Prayer is the only way we can make it through the day, through the night. No matter what faces us, who or what comes at us, God is always right there by our side, ready to hear our worship, our thanksgivings, our pleas. So for this week, let’s rest in the silence of prayer together. Please recite this prayer/meditation and the thoughts and ideas with me and do so several times during the upcoming week. Pray and then Pray again, knowing God will hear you.

Shall we sit on His lap as we pray? What better place to be safe and secure.
So, as we get ready we need to take a deep breath. Know as we breathe in, know that God’s love, power, peace, grace, and mercy is filling us. Feel this entering you as you take deep breaths. And hold that breath for a moment, loving that peaceful presence of God.

Rest in the silence of prayer. . .

Now let’s get super comfortable in our seat, knowing we are surrounded and filled with God. We are always surrounded by Him; but when we turn to Him in prayer we become aware of this clear realization and conscious of His presence. When we comprehend that God is with us, our perspective is so much clearer and makes us ready to join in prayer.

“We ask in prayer for God to empower us to make a difference. Together we can make a spiritual difference! We resonate with the idea of working for God in our prayer time.”

The power of one, multiplied by many – a spiritual combination! That is our prayer group in Spiritual Family and in prayer groups around the world. What an ingredient to remember always in our everyday lives, when we get caught up in our busyness running here and there, and doing this and that – becoming a Tizzie. We just have to think about the power of one.

God, we ask that You direct our ways, guide us in our prayers, empower us in our actions.

Now – Rest in the silence of prayer.

In Christianity, we make an emphasis of going into the silence of prayer because we know that is where ALL the power is found. That is where we build a strong relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Let us become very still for a few moments. Know that the still, small voice that speaks to us in this spiritual meditative process is always our inner guidance. For just a few minutes, hear what that inner guidance has to say to you this day. Know Who that inner guidance is. Let us pray for God to grant us the perspective to get in touch with who and what we are.

Rest in the silence of prayer. . .

As we focus on our everyday experience of life, we know that all good things are waiting for us in that secret place of the most high (as described in the Old Testament).

Rest in the silence of prayer. . .

Together we can make a difference! What tremendous words of reassurance. As we are willing to give of ourselves, our time, our energy, our treasure, we do the true labors of Jesus Christ. That is our fulfillment as followers of Christ. Lord, help us to be strong and able to carry out Your desires.

Regardless of the degree of the service, regardless of how many times it is done and offered in love, it returns to us bountiful blessings.

This is often difficult for the human mind to comprehend, but heartwarming, nevertheless.

So, this day, we send a special blessing to all those who labor in God’s love, all those who are seeking God’s Truth as they know and understand it, all those who are in service in some way, manner, or form to You, dear God.

We are grateful for this, and we are appreciative of this.

As we close our meditative prayer. Let’s say a silent yet powerful prayer to thank God and ask Him to guide us through this journey we are travelling. Ask Him to turn the boulders into pebbles and help us navigate around all the obstacles we encounter.

Psalm 6: 9 –  The Lord has heard my supplication; the Lord will receive my prayer.

Here is a poem given to me years ago that I have framed and posted in my kitchen.


Slow me down, Lord.
Ease the pounding of my heart by the quieting of my mind.
Steady my hurried pace with a vision of the eternal reach of time…
Give me, amid the confusion of the day, the calmness of the everlasting hills.
Break the tensions of my nerves and muscles with the soothing music of the singing streams that live in my memory, Help me to know the magical restoring power of sleep,
Teach me the art of taking minute vacations—of slowing down to look at a flower, to chat with a friend, to pat a dog, to read a few lines from a good book!
Slow me down, Lord, and inspire me to send my roots deep into the soil of life’s enduring values that I may grow toward the stars of my greater destiny.”

In the name and through the nature of our Savior, Jesus Christ. . . Amen.

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