Another Look at Joy

Psalm 32:11 – Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, ye righteous, and shout for joy, all ye who are upright to heart.

As many of you know, we moved this week; and not only did we move but we did so from a 2400 sq. ft. home to a 1300 sq. ft. house. Now I tell you this to impress on you a few things. First, material objects we “own” are just that – they are just things. Some have sentimental value; some do not.
We had to store or eliminate or donate almost half our “things.” In the real world this is called “Downsizing.” What we kept was enough to comfortably live with, not lacking anything. What does that mean to us who live a middle class type or lower-middle class lifestyle. To me it means that we are focusing more on our earthly life than our heavenly, spiritual life. To me it means that we are spoiled and live on wants not needs. We still have way too much to fit in this house; and just today as we continue to unpack, we are sending many, many things to Good Will and other places that serve the needy.
This does not mean that we are not to enjoy material items and some luxuries in life. It means we are to focus on the spiritual and the extras will come as they do.

What was the most difficult to leave? Two of our six dogs are ranch dogs and we knew they would never be happy in an enclosed area. They now have new homes on a one hundred acre ranch, and I know they will be happy. I have to know this.
Our donkeys really do have a wonderful homes. The lady who came to see them was an angel, I know. She came for one and took all five. Plus she decided to take Pumpkin, our barn cat,who loved the donkeys as they did him. They hung out together. He has adjusted beautifully.
And so one phase of my career and life ends and another starts. My ministry is as always, now just not in a country, retreat setting.

Psalm 30: 11 Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing; thou hast put off my sackclothes, and girded me with gladness (joy).

New days have created new challenges, new opportunities, new scopes, new joys. So in our Prayer Meeting on Thursday night, we focused on the JOYS WE FIND IN OUR LIFE ON THIS EARTH. Here are a few examples:

*When my husband looks up at me and smiles, I feel joy.
*Praising God
*When I look in the eyes of my dog and see her unconditional love and trust in me.
*Eating ice cream on a hot, summer day
*I feel great joy in the friendships I have created in this chat room – friendships that have grown far beyond the internet connection
*Watching my grandchildren play and seeing the bond of love they have for each other
*Looking out the window in the morning and seeing the birds gathered at the feeder
*Watching nature
*I will be joyful when I see my loved ones in heaven, and I feel joyful now just thinking about it
*Praising God
*Singing and shouting the victory of our Lord
*Seeing Jesus and knowing He is with me
*The sweet spirit of the Truth because of all He has done for us
*I feel joy whenever I am with my family – near and extended family. I love them so.
I would like to take a moment and share a spiritual prayer/meditation with those of you reading this.  While we are praying, focus on the JOY you are able to feel as you walk the path toward the Light.  Please join me in joyful fellowship of prayer: In certain areas of this meditation/prayers, you will see this key   ~~~~~   That indicates a time for you to close your eyes and focus on the truth of the words and a time for you to let it surround you and become you.  It is time to rest in the silence of prayer.

This meditation & prayer  is an adaptation by me of one by Christopher Chenowerth, a great spiritual leader and prayer warrior.

This time we have in prayer is sacred. Something is going to happen that is beyond mere human consciousness. We’re going to agree and consent to God’s good – God’s joy as we share it with Him. . There is a higher working here than just the human mind. There is an action of the Divine. The Truth we pray is the Truth of God for you individually.

During this prayer time you will be quickened by the love of Christ. You will be able to look over your life and bless every experience with God’s love that brings forth good. You will know that the Spirit of the Lord is with you. Your God-given good is assured.


This moment you are able to dissolve in your mind, and in the minds of all others, any idea that your God-given joy and your good can he withheld from you. There is nothing outside of you, person, thing or event,that can keep from you that which God has for you now.

As your mind expands to God’s good, vast improvement comes quickly in every phase of your life. Every day, and in every way, through God’s ever present help, things are getting better for you individually. You are entering the best period of your life. The attracting power of God’s love fills your life with satisfying joy. As this comes, you are poised, patient and positive. You know that God pours His joy and His good out upon you.


Your mind is thinking exclusively about God’s possibilities. You know that as you let go of worn out things in your mind, worn out habits and worn out thoughts, there is a new vibrant thinking coming through you, a thinking that pulsates with life, a thinking which is from God. You accept that thought now for your life, and for every condition you face in life, being able to turn all circumstances into joyful ones.

God blesses you with love and peace. You are assured of help in every need. There is a continuous flow of God’s helpful ideas into your human mind. There is a continuous flow of good in your life. God’s Divine ideas come through your human mind and you become an irresistible magnet for wondrous experiences and ever-expanding good.


Good is drawn to you and you are a good receiver. You are receiving God’s good now in every area of your life. You are receiving all the abundance God has for you now. God, in God’s love, pours out God’s abundant good upon you. Your life and your world show forth perfect order; in the silence of prayer, know that this is your joy.


Revelations 21:5 says, “Behold, I make all things new.” With new zeal and enthusiasm, you accept God’s promise of good in your life. In Proverbs 28:20 says, “A faithful human will abound with blessings.” Now you are abounding with God-given blessings.

NOW you are receiving all the good of Christ.


You are one with the bounty of Christ. Old walls are torn down, and good flows into your life.  You are a spiritual heir to God’s ever-present supply. You are blessed.

In the name of Jesus Christ, you are able, and ready for the future. You are abundantly prospered.

This, NOW, is a turning point of your life because it is the turning point inside of your mind. You are able to fully trust God’s power. Instead of looking to appearances, you are able to trust in the power of God in your life. God’s good is continually made manifest. God is good. God supplies you now with unlimited opportunities for every need. You are prospered.


Lord, help us to feel the infilling that is a quiet reassurance that God is at work.  Help us to know the Truth that is You, and let that Truth rule our lives and bring us abundant peace, grace, and joy.

Christ assures you of constant good. Christ assures you that your needs are supplied. The Christ Spirit is at work in you and in the circumstances of your life to bring continuous blessing and overflowing good. You have direct access to the rich ideas of God. Your spiritual life is connected and your outer life is filled with plenty.

In the name, in the character and in the intelligence of Jesus Christ, you call forth God’s help. You call forth an ever-expanding help. You decree that you are forever changed by this prayer beginning now. You will never live life in lack or limitation. Every area of your life as vital, alive, good, and full of joy.

Thank you, God . . . In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.


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