I, Pastor Peggy, am going on a much anticipated vacation with my sisters and daughter. Here is a short daily post (with a few typo corrections) from a fellow prison ministry volunteer we will share with you this week. Please feel free to scroll back and enjoy any of the 53 messages already posted during the last year. Peace and Grace to all of you!

from the pen of W.L. Scott ~~~

There are things that will never be changed. God being my Father will always be the same. Jesus being my brother and Savior will always remain the same. The Holy indwelling me as my teacher in all things about God will not change no matter what come sor goes in my path. Jesus Christ being the way, the truth and the life being the only way to God the Father will never change. If you and I learn the ways of God then we must study at the feet of the Holy Spirit and this will never change. You and I are temples of God, in which dwells the Holy Spirit, and this will never change. These are the most important things that will not change no matter how large our problems look in our eyes. There are many more things that cannot change that are important for us to know. The Holy Spirit will continue to reveal God’s ways to us. Thank God for such a wonderful secure life in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. I love you! W. L. Scott


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