Romans 12: 2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to rest and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing, and perfect will.

Positive thinking has great power. How many of us can say that we live by and through positive thinking at all times. Can any of us attest to the truth that we have negative thoughts pop into our mind often, way too often. Let’s talk about the fact that the thought deposits we put into our mind can only return to us what we deposit into it. It could be rich rewards or utter agony. That is our control.

Let me share a story with you. There was once a university professor who went searching for the meaning of life. After several years, he came to a holy man and asked to be enlightened. The holy man invited his visitor into his humble dwelling and began to serve him tea. He filled the man’s cup and then kept on pouring so that tea was soon dripping onto the floor.  The professor watched the overflow until he could no longer restrain himself. “Stop! It is full. No more will go in.” The holy man said, “Like this cup, you are full of your own opinions, preconceptions, and ideas. How can I teach you unless you first empty your cup?”

What if your safety deposit box at your bank was so filled with debris that you could no longer make good deposits, what if there was no room. We have heard stories, I am sure, of people who put so much in their safety deposit box that it overflowed with nothing but junk.

We all have moments in time, either awake or sleeping, playing or praying when right out of no where comes some “Junk Thinking.” It destroys the moment, and we lose our power of positive thinking. We allowed it to happen. How can we turn it around?

The inner-mind is like a photographic plate, and most of us are carrying around images of lack, sadness, defeat, personal affronts of some kind. Every time we focus on that photographic plate, we pull ourselves into any abyss and away from God.

We feel helpless. It I so strong and vivid that it keeps popping up. We want it to pop up and pop away so it will no longer have an effect on us. And we can do that. Imagine, if you would for a moment, a God filled memory bank in your mind. Every time something unexpectedly popped up in you, it was beautiful; it fed you, gave you courage, and inspired you.

Let’s create for ourselves a memory bank. What is a memory bank? It is an investment place where many individual thoughts should work together for the good of the whole. A bank is a place that gives loans and pays interest. It is a place you invest in for a bigger return later. A bank is a place you should be able to go to when you’re having a down day, and have it flood you with unbelievable good, joy, and exhilaration.

But many times, our personal bank has gone bust. Many times, it works in the reverse – negative memories come up and rob us of our present-moment peace of mind.

Right now, your conscious mind is looking out and taking in the world around you. You are filtering those things back into the realm of your memory bank. Sadly, this is especially true if something happens to you, real, or imagined, that is displeasing. It is almost like you make such an impression of that, that you just chisel a permanent statute to it in your memory bank.

As a spiritual and God-filled person, our memory bank exists to be flooded from God, and the daily perceptions of what God gives in life. Therefore, as a positive person, when you are facing something that is displeasing, your memory is filled to the brim with investments of God for your well being. In other words, our focus is on God, not negative events on this earth.

The memory bank is pivotal. It is designed by our Creator to take images and that to be filled with God’s good, and power. You can cleanse bad memories you have, by continually investing good memories, awareness, and gratitude of God’s good. Your life will take on spiritual power. A person is who he/she thinks, or eats, or reads, but more so a person is what he/she does within the memories stored in their “bank.”

In the classic play “Macbeth,” Shakespeare said: “Canst thou not minister to a mind diseased? Pluck from the memory of a rooted sorrow.”

Do you have any rooted sorrows in your mind? If you do, you don’t want them there anymore. You do not need them. As a matter of fact, not only do you not need the rooted sorrows, but they are blocking you from God’s good. You have this rooted sorrow between your conscious-awareness mind and God mind.

James 1:7, 8, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

You must go back to your Source, your original depositor, and let God’s clear light flood your whole being with Divine Truth. Your body CAN BE the Temple of the living God. You must lay aside, forever, the idea of serving two masters and must look to the one Master, Christ. Jesus said that He came not to destroy the law, but that the law might be fulfilled through Him. It is the mission of every person born into the world to fulfill the law of Being, to allow God to come through in all phases of her or his mind, perfectly.

The Bible says, “Be subject, therefore, unto God. Draw nigh to God and God will draw nigh to you.”

God thinks. God responds. God is omni-responsive. God never gets to the point where God doesn’t respond to you individually. If you turn to God and ask God to do something, God is going to hear you. Don’t look to appearances of all the debris in there. Ask God to flood your entire memory bank with light. You ask God and God is omni-responsive. God responds and cleansing happens.

Do you remember the story of the prodigal son? Go a little way, and God will come the rest of the way to greet you. You do not have to figure out the formula, the magic words, the keys to learn how to open this up. God knows how to cleanse you from inside out.

In Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass,” the queen says: “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.” Memory bank is supposed to work forward by letting your being with positive thoughts and feelings, to bless you, to comfort and strengthen you, to guide you around pitfalls in life, by helping you to remember your connectedness to the Lord, our God.

God is ever-ready to pour forth a Divine blessing, quick to respond to the call of your awareness. God is omnipresent, but humans have hedged themselves about by a world of illusion of their own creating, and through its mists, they cannot see God, or catch the light from God. Jesus came to give us conscious control of the intelligence and the power necessary to dispel these mists, where we think we are alone and that we have to do it all alone. Jesus gave us the ability to dispel the fog, just like an early morning fog lifts with the light of the sun. When it lifts we can see, feel, and perceive that God IS WITH US.

There is not one person who is not equipped in this way. Each person has God’s help ready and willing to help at any time. God will lift you up, regenerate your memory bank, and transform the memory bank into the true image and likeness of God. It will happen by your saying you want it, in prayer.

There is an old saying: “Don’t be a single-stringed harp.” Can you imagine if a harp had only one string? You would get tired of that one note pretty quickly. Imagine that conscious mind is only looking in one direction, and yet, worry and fear in the human being do just that. Imagine memory that only looks in one direction and turns its back on God. We don’t have to. We can find God right where we are.

It’s just a mist. If you look closely through it, you will see God’s help. And as you see God through the fog and the mist of the old memory that is rising, you have taken away its power once and for all. It will never again have power to disturb you.

In the Bible it says, “A new heart also will I give you.” In this section of the Bible, the heart refers to your memory. “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you.” The whole mind will be raised to a new consciousness. This is what I pray happens now. I pray, like the Bible says, that you have the same mind that was in Christ Jesus.

Osalm 105:4  Look to the Lord and His strength;  seek His face always.

Let us pray:  Please repeat this for yourself.

Through the action of God, I ask and call forth a whole new spirituality
in and through me.  I decree in Jesus Christ’s name that, in every level of my mind, I am being cleansed. I pray my memory bank is being cleansed by God. It is being cleansed through and through with the true light that lighteth every human. It lights the darkness in me now – God’s light that does not allow any darkness to remain in me.

In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen


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