Dwelling in God in Prayer


“For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell,” Colossians 1:19

Many of us believe in angels, don’t we? Some sing, some preach, and some listen. We are all angels with one wing; we can only fly by embracing one another. Each one of us has a message. And in a very special way, we give the best we know how.

On the island of Patmos, John wrote the book of Revelation. It is a book of symbols. It is a book of hope. It is a book of vision and dreams ; and because he was a prisoner on the island, he would send messages containing symbols back to the mainland.

Sometimes we get caught up only in symbols, but behind that, rests spiritual truth,
waiting for us to accept and move our dreams, our visions, our hopes, our desires, into
perfect expression.

John writes in his book of Revelations, “Behold I put before you a door open which no one can shut.” Friends, we are required to step through that spiritual door. The door is opened by God for us.

Sometimes we stand on the threshold of that door and wish we could go through it. We dream our dreams. We hold our visions. But something in us keeps us from stepping through. Maybe it is the limitations of our past.

So we stand at the door until God can help us to heal that within us which keeps us from the spiritual side where good awaits us. What are we waiting for? Only God can heal us so we can begin anew.

A minister used to ponder in his thoughts, about people who would call so often for help, for the same problem, over and over again. He got to the place where he had a key word or phrase that he would use. He would always end his time with people in a very profound way by saying, “Through prayerm you can begin again!”

God is a God of new beginnings. It’s not over, my friends, until you say it is. You can begin again right now, today. You can make the decision to go forward in faith, having this mighty power direct and move you to that high calling in Christ Jesus.

I think of Paul when Timothy wanted to give up. He came to Paul and said,
“I can’t handle this.” Paul said to him, “Oh Timothy, neglect not the gift of God that is within you. Press on to that high calling in Christ Jesus.”

We all need to hear that message ourselves, don’t we? Sure, there are times when it is very difficult, but hear the voice of God within us say, “Press on. Press on. There’s more. I am here to help you.”

Get up every morning and say, “The best years of my life are yet to be lived. Thank You, God.” It’s wonderful. So beginning again calls for strong spiritual faith, spiritual courage, and a strong spiritual determination that will not quit.
There is something wanting to press out from us, express from us-God giving God’s self through us in the wonder of the world. I like to take the word “wonderful” and say to people, “Do you know that you are wonder-filled?” You are wonder-filled; filled with wonder, mystery, and majesty. It’s wonderful. You are a child of God, and you have many gifts from God that you have discovered, and many that still are waiting for you to unwrap.

It will give you great courage to know that you are not alone – that God is with you.

These are times when you accept those challenges of life with great excitement, and step out not always knowing where our steps are going to take you. You do know that with God’s guidance and direction, it will be good.

All of us are on this journey, traveling from our own personal path to God awareness that Jesus Christ urged us to follow. We stop thinking so much about ourselves, and we begin to engage ourselves in ministering to God’s family. In this ministry, we somehow get excited about our life and find that everything we do, everything we give, and everything we are is God’s gift to us. I know that I feel that way in our SF group and what we do together.  We must keep giving of ourselves to receive more.
Self-realization instructs us to relax in this wonderful presence in order to make the spiritual connection with God. The world is coming to realize the healing power responds to silence. We know this to be the most powerful energy in the world-silence-the silence of prayer.

Most of us participate in the Spiritual Family Prayer Group on Thursday evenings. If you have never done so, please feel free to stop in and join us in prayer. We call healing forth by recognizing our oneness with God. We have a dialogue among us and God, invoking the Holy Spirit to join us as we pray for healing, support, strength, and comfort, knowing that in God’s plan we are all one.This dialogue we have among us and God is a wonderful spiritual experience. Each of us builds on our own capacity to receive from God. Healing is dependent upon a steadfast faith, true vision, and inner expectancy. And Prayer is our link with this healing power and process; it was, as scripture shows us, exactly this way in the life of Jesus, basing his connection to God on prayer . We can realize that this is also the power of our connectedness, the power of our oneness.
We also pray for guidance: Prayer is the power of illumination. It enlightens the mind;
it wakes it up. As we pray, we are enlightened and are able to be guided by our Father.

Isaiah 58:8 “Then shall thy light break forth as the morning and thy
healing shall spring forth speedily, and thy righteousness shall go before
thee; and the glory of Jehovah shall be your reward.”

Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Many people know about the Truth, but it remains just an intellectual process. The intellect must be spiritualized. There is nothing wrong with the mind; it’s wonderful. It’s the explorer, the adventurer, the investigator.  It goes out and finds all of these wonderful things for us. Then it comes back and we have to take it to the heart and translate it into wisdom.

So our intellect is a powerful agent, but it must never leave the nourishing power, or the heart, Many live a kind of surface life, knowing about things – but not eve understanding. We give new birth to ourselves, by KNOWING the truth. When that Spirit of God moves in you, – things happen. It gives voice to song. Glory to God’s Word crowns us with joy.

So the path of prayer calls for the spiritually adventurous who are willing to step out on faith and trust the keeper of infinity. I believe prayer is the key to lifelong spiritual insight, for it is our return home. It is that journey back to God.

Following Jesus Christ opens the mind to the omnipresence of God – that everywhere present energy empowering love has its perfect expression in us.

Spiritual prayer is a commitment to a faith that removes mountains. It takes that potential in us and makes it possible. With God all things are possible.

So we have this potential in us for goodness, for wonder, for mystery, for
beauty, for sacredness. But it becomes possible as we give expression to
the potential.

Faith and belief become an inner conviction. The compatible relationship between mind and heart begin to bring forth and birth wonderful ideas that we want on our spiritual journey. Jesus Christ is calling for each of us like He did 2,000 years ago: “Stretch forth thy hand; reach out into the world.” Don’t get into this exclusive self, but inclusive. “Stretch forth thy hand and be healed. Take up your bed and walk. Arise, shine, for the light has come. Go in peace.”

Open the eyes that have been blinded with doubt, fear, hate, and bitterness. Heal the worry thoughts and lift them up into the light of God. Give them to the light. “Take my burden. My yoke is light.”

Just know that God’s Spirit, is inviting each, and all of us, to bring our present difficulties to the light, to the altar. And in the light there is no darkness. “If thine eye be single, the whole body shall be filled with light, and the crooked places made straight.” Those places where we have gone back and forth, not knowing which way we’re going, are part of the preparation for the Christ mind to be manifest in us.

We are called to do a great spiritual work, friends. Remember, all of us have direct connections to God. We have three avenues through which we function and operate: thought, desire, and action.

The most far reaching in its effect is the power of thought. Thought is the parent of action. It gives birth to action and movement. The guiding light of God will bring its fulfilling plan and purpose, and we shall have our heart’s desires.

The time will come when there will be nothing to heal. There will only be
something to more to KNOW.

Friends, it is something to know about ourselves, that we have been
unwilling (for one reason or another) to know yet. But when we spiritually
can deal with it, face it; it then becomes as natural as breathing.

There is something we need to know about ourselves. What is it? What is it that we don’t want to know about us that is standing in our way? There is just something more to know-to know God’s love, power, peace, and joy. There is only the perfect image of God in which we were created. We take hold of this as we understand -understand that we just must simply accept.

There is something in us to know. When we know it, we can accept it and love it . . . “I will not leave thee until thou blesses me.” Jacob said to the angel, “I will not leave thee until thou blesses me.”

Friends, I oftentimes think the things we attach to our lives-the hurt pain, grief, and sorrow are asking us to bless them so they can leave us. I will not leave thee without your blessing.

So, whatever the pain might be, whatever the hurt, sorrow or disappointment, bless it so it does not have to go unhealed. Let it have NO power over you, let all the power be God’s power but turning it over to Him.

We begin the last leg of our Lenten journey this coming week. Next Sunday is Palm Sunday when we will walk beside Jesus, riding on a donkey, through the gates and into the city of Jerusalem. Let ‘s take this last week and focus on the messages from the last several Lenten weeks. What has been your awakening, your spiritual growth during this time.  What have we realized that we can bless and let go and turn over to God at the altar.
Let’s take just a minute to be quiet and still in spiritual prayer. How do
I know God is here? I know because I feel peace. So it is – my prayer is that you can feel this peace that passes understanding, and in that peace, be healed.

In the name and through the power of Him Who is love, in the name and through the power of Jesus Christ, accept your healing, mental emotional, physical, and, especially, spiritual.

God bless you as you continue on that eternal path of the soul, accepting
every good and perfect gift from God. Amen.


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