(Take the time during the music selections to pray for God to bring understanding and wisdom and alignment with Him into your heart and soul)



“My tongue will talk of Thy righteous help all the day long.” Psalms 71:24.

“Albert Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”

We are a laboratory of faith, and our ideas can be proved within each individual living them.  I ask you today to think about your faith, your ideas and how they have proven true in your life.  Oh, it may have not happened in your idea of perfect timing but it did in God’s idea of perfect timing.

There are fundamentals of the belief system that can enhance/ support, encourage, or even change your daily life experience as taught by our Savior, Jesus Christ.   One of the fundamentals is that God is absolute good, and everywhere present.  Being absolute Good means He is Good ALL the time.  Don Moen sings the song so wonderfully as youtube replays it above.

Look at how this reflects on our lives.  Jesus said, “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.“  [John 4:24].  God is unlimited, perfect, and eternal. Because God is the epitome of Omnipresence, He is everywhere, present in both space and time.   Therefore, wherever and whenever we are ANY place, God is with us.

The subject is God and how close God is. Through prayer we each have this accessibility to God.  Many have thought wrongly about how far God is from us.  But it is important for us, in this reading about our belief, to know that God is not far off.  God is with us, surrounding us, within us. That is a powerful, powerful statement of oneness in faith.  It is easy to dismiss God if we think God is not aware of us, our situations, and difficulties.

The starting place of spiritual attainment is the right understanding of the One we call the “Almighty.” The first human mind concept we have with God is usually God as force.  But as we look at life, we realize that concept is not enough.  We have to realize that God is more than just what we think of as force.

We do realize God is the basis of all things, working in loving Divine order.  But as we look at life, we realize that this is not enough.  The highest aspect we can hold of God is to hold the aspect Jesus Christ held-God is love.

God is also the essence and life in your life. To realize God is at hand and that you can manifest your prayers is powerful;  that is to realize God is working through you as you.
God is also supreme wisdom and intelligence of the universe.   And we are God’s children, God’s expressers.
But how do you access this? How do you get to God?  You don’t have to, because God is already with you.  HE is not a computer that you can turn off and on.  HE is always with you – Always!   If God is with you at all times, you get to know Him through practice – by remembering, practicing that presence of God that is alive and vibrant with you (prayer, meditation, good works, etc.).  That is the way you experience all of God, all of the time.   We are here in this message blog, in our chat rooms, in our homes and our work and private lives, to recall what we already know to be true and to praise Him Who made it all possible.  We can rest in that truth.  Let’s worship “in spirit and truth” – without ceasing.   And let our voices talk of” Thy righteous help all the day long.”  Praise be to Our Father!

We can never totally describe our Lord and how magnificent His work is in our lives.  All we can do is say, Thank You, Lord.”

God IS Good All The Time!






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