The Birth of Jesus

We watch the Nativity Scene in front of our church. We listen to the choir sing, “Alleluia” We hear the stories of the shepherds and the Magi. We can even hear the innkeeper say that there is no room at the inn. We revel in the thought that our Lord was born this night in the town of Bethlehem. But do we every really, really feel what Mary went through.

Mary Speaks

Oh, Lord, what has happened to me? I’m just a poor peasant girl, not worthy to touch the earth you created. Why have you sent your angel to give me such news, to say I am to be a virgin mother of the King of Kings, the savior of the world. I can’t even comprehend the magnitude of this. I told the angel that thy will be done and to let it be so. I was too scared to say anything else.

Then Elizabeth was so excited to see me and exalted in the fact I was to be the mother of the savior. I am still trembling at the thought. Poor Joseph. He was in terrible shape, wondering too and sick in his heart that his future wife was with child – from God?? Thank you for sending him the angel also so he could understand our plight, our challenge, our glory. He told me that there was a presence, a really strong presence that came to him and said to not worry and to take me as his wife.

He told me, “Mary, this baby, our baby, was conceived by the Holy Spirit. We are to name him Jesus because he will save the people from their sins. And then it was over; the presence left. It was a miracle, Mary. Please forgive me for my days of doubt and worry. God HAS chosen you, and I’m proud to be here next to you and share this with you. It won’t be easy but we will be here together with the little one.” Oh, thank you, Lord, I do so love Joseph.

Now we’re heading in to Bethlehem. How strange a town is this. Bethlehem means “bread of life” and I am about to present this town, this world with life, a life that is to be the salvation of all. The King of Kings.

Oh, Oh , my,  I’m not too comfortable right now. Seem to have a lot of pressure in my stomach area. It must be this donkey I’m riding. He is so sweet though. I love rubbing his neck as we travel across the land – so soft. I hope we arrive soon so I can lie down, stretch, and take this pressure off of me.

I wonder as we travel what kind of child, what kind of man this child will be. Will he be like us – look like a real person – or will he be more like a spirit. I can’t even imagine. Lord, you said that he will become King. He will rule the world. I imagine him riding a golden chariot, slashing out at evil and destroying the pagan statues. Oh, how I need to get some relief from this discomfort. I can’t really call it pain, but pressure, and my back is really aching from sitting on this dear donkey.

God, help me. You are the Supreme being and I bow at your feet. Forgive me as my tears fall on to my lap. I am so overwhelmed at this stage of life within me and outside of me. Oh God, help me. Can I possibly go on? Joseph, hold me, take me off this donkey.

Oh here is the town of Bethlehem. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the strength to get this far. I can not wait to get in a room in the nearest inn and relax. Ohhhhhhhhhh

Joseph, what, no rooms in any of the inns. Oh, no, what now? Lord, help us. We are at your mercy.

Where are we going? I don’t want to leave town. I want to rest. I want to stretch out. Lord, give me the strength to get through this. I feel like I am going to collapse up here. Help me.

Oh, Joseph, we are going inside a stable? My tears are falling for the birth of this child, will it be safe to do in a stable full of animals and dirt.

Is this what You want, Lord, to give birth to the King inside this stable, this place where the cows and goats and sheep stand. Is that what You want?

I can not explain this pain to anyone so will just try to be as comfortable as I can. I hope Joseph takes a walk and lets me lie here alone in all this agony I am feeling. Ohhhhhhhh, it hurts so. Help me, Lord; Help me, Lord.

I must keep my focus on this little baby and let it be born without me letting it overwhelm me.

I wish my mother were here to help me. I feel so helpless. What do I do next. I am trying to remember. Mom did tell me the steps to take. Why aren’t you here with me, Mom. I want you to be here. Oh Mom………how I miss you.

I am only thirteen years old; why is this happening to me? I don’t know what to do. I am all alone and scared.

I am shaking so much. But, I am one of God’s people and His nation. Even though we are scattered and confused, we still are His people and we all love You so. I must be strong; I must be brave; I must trust; and open my eyes and ears to the truths of Your will, Lord. We know You will set us all free as this child of Yours comes forth.

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

As I groan, and grown, He comes. Here He is. His is beautiful. Now I set to work. I will work and live in quiet and humbling servitude to You, Lord. Thank You for being by my side during this time. I know You will always be here.

I will be brave and strong for You, Lord. Look at Your Son as Joseph cuts the cord and I wrap him in these cloths. Such a quiet and holy night. Our little one is crying just a bit as I wrap him up. What an angelic face he has. God, give me strength to get through this as we raise this Holy Child born this Holy Night.

“Joseph, look at that star shining right in here. It is so warm and bright!”

What a wonderful light from God, Joseph. WE have been blessed. I think the world has been blessed.” I can almost hear the angels singing. I wonder if anyone else can hear them.

Is it finished? Or has it just begun?

I wonder.




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