“Turning It Around”

God has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and God will deliver us.  On God we have set our hope that God will continue to deliver us.” 2 Corinthians 1:10

Some situations in life are so very hard. In our hardest times know that God is with us. We are never alone. We have the most wonderful and loving God, that is waiting to help us and comfort us. God even has the power to turn around disasters, to bring back good into our lives.

Have you ever wondered how to turn a bad day into a good one? Have you ever asked the question, “How can we believe, when we are going through something that seems so bad in the moment, that God can turn even disaster into ultimate good?”

The human mind has a way of dealing with something bad. The human thinking that feels all alone – freezes. It’s like when a deer is on a railroad track and a train approaches. The deer who runs swiftly just looks at the light, sees the danger, panics, and freezes.

Many times, from our human mind we do the same thing. We lose our job, and we freeze. We lose someone we love, and we freeze. We go through a great problem, and depression sets in. We have lack of energy, sickness, fatigue, and panic. Often instead of using our God-given abilities, we just freeze right there on the railroad track of life. We have felt deserted like an
isolated island, all alone, in a stormy sea. But it is not the truth of us. When we become spiritually ready, God is waiting to help. The truth is that we are more, because we have God with us every moment.

We ask, hopefully, faith-filled questions like, “How can God make this right?” The answer is always bigger than we can comprehend at the moment. The answer is always better than we could even hope for. God is the Creator of all things, including our new life.

If you don’t hear/read anything else this morning, hear this. If something bad has happened, God already knows how to make it right All that happens is for the good from God who loves us.

God knows how to solve the maze when the human mind cannot see any way out. God knows a way, when you see NO way. If You Are Down, remember God is UP!

Know that in your life, and the problems you may be dealing with, God knows the way to give you the highest solution – solutions higher than you can even imagine in your own human mind.

All you have to do is have more awareness of God in your life for a bright tomorrow. We freeze by looking at the past-grieving, and seemingly we cannot move forward. We freeze looking to the appearances of a problem. Jesus says, “Do not judge by appearances.” This means look to God instead of the problem. God is the only place that a solution can be found. Problems have to be solved at a higher level of mind than we have.

We must change our God concept if we hold an opinion of God that is less than that. No matter what we call our religion, it is important to have a good concept of God. What we say about God says more about us than it does about God. God is unchangeable-always loving and good.

No matter how good your life has been, God will bring you better days than even your best day yet, IF you are ready. For you and your life-with God the best is yet to be. If you believe that, if you expect that, I guarantee you that you will have the eyes to see it and the perception to feel it totally and completely.

A new minister visited a man who was dying. As a newly ordained minister, he was scared. What was he going to say that was going to make this man who was dying feel better? This man was a long time church goer. He was weak and in bed, but he grabbed the minister’s hand and said, “I am so excited.” That shocked the young minister. The man said, “I’m going on an
adventure.” He then closed his eyes and died a short time later. The young minister said, “I’ll never forget that as long as I live. I pray that I will have that kind of faith when I am making my transition to my next experience.”

Life doesn’t end when we face a problem. There is more to life. There is always an increasing, wonderful life if we are willing to accept that life. God will actually come through you and empower you in times of personal crisis.

You do not have to be up all night long worrying about your problems because God is up all night long smoothing out every challenge. One of the favorite spiritual things in life is go to bed on a problem. Don’t worry about it. Don’t stay up until the early hours of the morning.
We used to stay up and worry with our human mind on how we were going to solve a problem. Instead just go to bed, rest your mind in God and allow the problem to smooth itself out. It does each and every time.

The famous speaker Zig Zigler said this: What we need is a check-up from the neck up to get rid of stinking thinking.

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “The greatest tragedy is that most people will go to the grave with the music still in them.”

There is a song in you and me that is waiting to play. But in order to play it, we have to be willing to play the music; willing for God to come through. In order for God to be God (to us), God has to be God through you-as you. In order for you to have an answer to prayer, it has to come through you. God moving through you.

In full faith, be content in the moment. Know that God is with you. Trust God fully and completely . Look beyond any seeming plague or famine in your life, and know that as you go through a problem, that it is spent-energy and it has come to pass. Once a disaster happens, it has happened – it is over – it is done, unless, we choose to keep reliving it, and being imprisoned by its memory and pain. You will not deplete your own energy as before, you will be renewed and strengthened to do the greater work ahead. In Hebrews 13:5 God says, “I will not give you up or desert you”.

No matter what you are going through, anytime or anywhere, God is not going to give up on you. Don’t give up on God because the best is yet to be. God will turn it around. Watch it happen.

Let us pray. Repeat this prayer for yourselves.

Dear God, help me today to see all people through Your vision, which is
love. Help me dear God to look forward with great positive anticipation.
Help me to feel well this day, and lead me in mind to wave after wave of
well-being. Help me to see past events as past events, and help me to
understand that these events are spent energy. It has come to pass and it
has passed.

Dear God, I have a choice not to keep the dead past alive. With You with
me, God, the best is yet to be. This morning I face a brighter tomorrow
and a brighter future. I face more opportunity for happiness than ever
before, and I am so grateful and thankful.

Giving thanks in advance, in the name of Jesus Christm our Lord, I say . . . Amen.


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