When Dreams Come True
Message for September 25, 2011. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE, there is life and joy. Proverbs 13:12 We are into a new time in our lives now, IF we will it to be so. Surprisingly it takes more effort and energy to go back to the past-than it does to go forward. The past was an exciting time. But, it was not without challenges. Of course, we have challenges in life, but they are only opportunities to work with God and discover new positive depths to life, to make us greater, wiser, perhaps more forgiving, and certainly, more loving. It always happens that we have the opportunity to learn from any experience, and we do learn when God is guiding us.

Luke 12:31, Jesus said, “Seek God’s kingdom first, and all these things
shall be yours as well.” So, we look at the good in the past. Wonderful things happened, BUT the best is yet to be! If we do not watch ourselves, we can take the future away and re-live the
past on a daily basis. We can become so comfortable with a certain state of mind, that we carry forward the hopes of trying to make the present just like the past. God wants us to grow, and become more than we were yesterday. There are usually two reasons why we do not want to start something new, or have new experiences. One of them is the propensity we have for limiting ourselves. We say: “Oh, I can’t do that.” “All my friends tell me I can’t do that.” “You hardly ever see anybody try to do that.” “I can only do so much.” “Look at me, I am too little/large/young/old. How can I do this great thing that is in my mind? How can I fulfill this dream?” “There is just so much I can do. Give me a break; I am only human.” “Maybe that is good for someone else, but not for me.”

What do we call those? Self-imposed limitations, which end up being self-fulfilling prophecies. With God, we can soar above the level of our former self. Whatever comes to your mind, you can achieve it, with God’s help, God’s direction, and God’s inspiration.

Dare to visualize and picture yourself succeeding, in your mind. Dare to dream it, to capture it, and then to soar. Now, you cannot soar sitting in a chair. You cannot soar while telling everybody about all the wonderful things you are going to do in “the future,” doubting yourself in the present that you have the ability to accomplish it. You cannot soar by speaking negative statements about yourself and what you believe you cannot do.

God didn’t create you to be a naysayer. God created you to look at the possibilities in life and prove those possibilities to be your own. So, the first reason we do not want to have new beginnings is the propensity we have for limiting ourselves. The second reason is the fear we have of making a mistake. Does that sound familiar? 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast your anxieties on him.”

Do not listen to those negative voices. We cannot dare to dream and soar, when we limit ourselves by being concerned about making a mistake. God has invested in each of us. Love the opportunity to do greater things. Next year you will reflect back on this year, and see how you have pushed past certain states of consciousness to achieve the things you have wanted to achieve with God’s help.
In Psalms 23 1-3, we are reassured with the familiar words: “The Lord is my shepherd. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul.”

Spiritually we are all seeking a restored soul. A fully charged soul. A fully energized soul.

On television Dr. Robert Schuler talked about soaring and the changes we go through. He said there are three things involved in making positive changes in your life. First, there must be a commitment. Second, there must be a plan of action. And third, you must be willing to pay the price.

If you think about, every great thing that has happened to you did not come because you were lucky. As Christian students, we spiritually know that we draw everything to us by right of awareness of God’s presence in our life. We actually spiritually earn it. Philippians 4:11 states “I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content.”

When wonderful things happen in our lives, we say, “What a wonderful answer to prayer. Thank You, God. I will use faith again and again and again.” These spiritual truths excite us; and they
are active in our lives.

Dare to dream and soar in your future. Dare to be a better person than you have ever been. Push past limitations and past the voices within you. Turn those negative voices into prayer warriors, especially if those voices are negative. .I have decided, and you can decide too, to listen to God instead of the doubting voices within my/your own human mind.

Psalms 121:2, “My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Your help comes directly from God who will make your heaven right here on earth. So,spread your wings, fly high, dare to dream; that is when dreams come true.

In the silence of prayer…We dare to dream. Thanks be to God


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